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Frederick Web Dev Sencha Presentation

Share your Ideas Anytime, Anywhere, with Prezi

Joshua Mc Donald

on 2 January 2013

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Transcript of Frederick Web Dev Sencha Presentation

Write Once ... I wrote a small app
named TakeStock run anywhere “There are four key things to remember when using the command line tools.” Great I have an app .. now what Mobile Web Stats What will I learn How to theme an app Common Sencha
Touch Elements
and YQL / JSONP iPhones in the U.S. since 2007 launch Apple has sold a total of 85 million 34 million and iPads since
2010 (Projected to double
by 2015) Number of Smartphones Around the World 1 billion+ Creating your
first Sencha
Touch App Mobile internet users By 2013,
Mobile internet Desktop internet users 2007 2009 2011 2013e 2015e # of users (MM) 2000 1600 1200 800 400 should take over desktop internet
usage but ..
I wrote a blog post all I had
to do
type professional-templates, At Prezi, we believe that Big Ideas change the world can Adam Somlai Fisher idea big was created by an architect with his own fine artist and Prezi Prezi operates on a freemium business model, which makes Prezi available to all. The company has been cash-flow positive since year one. people are now using Prezi More than 16 million From Budapest To San Francisco fun engaging and To make sharing ideas more Peter Arvai CEO Peter Halacsy CTO Adam Somlai Fischer
Founder 2 new prezis every second! TED Conferences invested in Prezi because of their shared mission: helping people share great ideas. In 2011, Prezi raised a Series B financing led by Accel Partners. Unparalleled product innovation millions of reusable prezis. redesigned user-interface, 3D capabilities, in only a few days. really 2001 First 'Mobile' App Iridium Sat Phone 2006 Started programming in YUI as an escape from Java 2010 2012 Sencha started
a contest for
Sencha Touch 0.97 that's it this sucks Ok, it didn't win any awards named Sencha Touch in 10 nights I received another call, rewrote the app using version 2.1 and, well, here we are. http://bit.ly/12S3aao Sencha Command
Line Tools How to use ... remember when I
said create an app
in a few days? I lied $ sencha generate app appname /path/to/your/app Install the latest version of Sencha
Command which can be found here
for all platforms http://www.sencha.com/products/sencha-cmd/download Next download Sencha Touch 2.1 or Extjs 4.1a. These are the only versions that will work with the new Sencha Command tools! http://www.sencha.com/products/touch/ Congratulations! You just created an app! You can see what this looks like here: http://bit.ly/V52JDU http://bit.ly/VXQ6ck Ok let's take a look

@ http://bit.ly/VkJ6KO and see

what happened How do I get my first app started using the command line tools? I think it's about time to look at the API. You can find it here:

http://bit.ly/TuJTs1 Create Great Mobile apps fast using HTML / JS Let's take a
look at this app
for a minute. http://bit.ly/12S3aao It's Green To theme Sencha Touch apps
use Compass and SASS Compass docs can be found here
http://bit.ly/8H0k , to install it
just type:

gem install compass First you need ruby, so if you have a MAc you are OK; Windows then find it here: http://rubyinstaller.org Remember the
folders that
were built To get Compass working: Modify the File.join() line in the config.rb file to point to your touch folder.
Run the following command to watch for changes: compass watch resources $blue-people: #7DB6FB; $navy-blue-people: #274366; .. if only there
was one place
to find all
the Sencha
variables .. http://bit.ly/Ujbyte need data Let's take a look at YUI http://yhoo.it/UjYCVs http://bit.ly/TFkRFe Let's take a look at some JavaScript http://bit.ly/UjgKx0 http://bit.ly/U6AaKO http://bit.ly/VhxnKB Thanks! http://bit.ly/ZSKzwr Without using builder ... after being built ..
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