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-Learning Theories. Knowledge Acquisition-

Mind Map

Karima Miranda

on 16 September 2012

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Transcript of -Learning Theories. Knowledge Acquisition-

-Learning Theories-" knowledge Connectivism The theory consist about how to connect the old theories with the new things like technology, update all the previous knowledge and decide what can be useful nowadays and delete the previous knowledge that it is not accurate useful Digital Natives Digital Immigrants Resources to get for a better knowledge Different
Theories attempted to address how the people learn Behavourist Cognitivism Constructivist Behavourist
learn by: (cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr Repetition reinforcement practices a lot of perfect! Emphatisize the important empirical behavours(observable)
and external enviroment. Cognitivism Body construct internal
cognitive structures Assimilation & Accomodation ... small two functions: organization and adaptation understand new information change information when there are news experiences stages That is why the teaching and learning processes are continually adapted to the characteristics of the individuals who compose it at all times. University of Quintana Roo
Campus Cozumel Autumn '12 Educational Technology Digital Natives are the persons who have born in an age where the Technology have had an extremely importance, creating a Digital Environment, environment such as Internet Computers Mobiles Learning (defined as actionable knowledge) can reside outside of ourselves (within an
organization or a database), is focused on connecting specialized information sets, and
the connections that enable us to learn more are more important than our current state of knowing. What is Learning? How do we get Knowledge?
-Through 4 different learning theories- Digital Immigrants are persons who were born before the existence of digital technology and adopted it to some extent later in life. In other hand we
have the next theory:
Connectivism People? Which sort of people? In the Digital Era
we have got two sorts of people & 1)Behaviorism
4)Connectivism Thank You Team
Miranda Karima
Caamal Brisa
Ríos Germán
Gómez Maryna How it works? Learning is a continuous process lasting for a life time learning and work related Ability to see connections is needed to facilitate the continual learning Decision making is itself a learning process the ability to see connections between field ideas and concepts it is a core skill The knowledge has to be connected to the right people ..
On the right context in order to be useful Karen Stepherson states
"I store my knowledge in my friends,
is an axiom for collecting knowledge
through collecting people." Thanks to the technology, knowledge has change, the life of the knowledge has been shrink, the time to get a degree or a career has been shorted, but we can not do nothing to avoid this changes, is such as language or economy. It is an non stop evolution. The way the people learned in the past are know different; faster, with another meanings, focused on other approaches, and linked to the future and present, using the technology as a tool, it will be different for every age. the technology is the present and the future if you are a digital immigrant you have to find the way to picked up the ability to improve and be updated because if you don't do nothing you might not be able to do nothing in the future. The internet it is a useful tool nowadays because the people can interchange experiences through this way with other people around the world Internet They must go through they..
who? to create the fuel of the brain knowledge Conclusion The tools we use define and shape our thinking Mix all the information acquired and connect it to the brain, apply and share the knowledge with the people around using the technology.
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