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How to Survive Middle School

No description

Adil Yusuf

on 2 May 2011

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Transcript of How to Survive Middle School

How to Survive Middle School People People are a big part of middle school, and the only way to survive middle school is understand people. Their are 6 building blocks or obsticles or whatever you want to call it of Middle School, and to survive you must master them all. The first and most important is people. The best way to understand them is break them up into groups. Jocks Preps Geeks Nerds Loniers Fmos Cheerleaders Normal Besties Bull es This how we are all connected or in other words how we interact are people who are friends with almost everyone, and interact with everybody. Some do sports and play games, but for the most part they are just... well... normal. are just people who play sports, and are really into sports. Most of them play videos and others are into school, but it really depends on the person. Some of them are class clowns. are usually girls, but not always... Anyways, they interact a lot with Jocks, Preps, and Besties. are people who are really into dressing fashionably, and always having the newest devices and cool brands. are group of friends that hang out together oftenly, for example, a group of girls seating and talking together at a lunch table. are people who are absolutely addicted to video games. are people that all about school, books, and studying 24/7. Some play video games, and usually are friends with Nerds. They also hate... Unforunately,
bullies are in almost every Middle School. They make fun of others to feel good about themselves, or maybe just to be popular. Most of them bully people who are small, insecure, or just different, and
they also interact
with Loniers
and... l are mostly teens that are sterotyped as wearing tight jeans and t-shirts, bright colors, studded belts, and black wristbands. Some are skaters, but they are most antisocial. Although, they arenot as antisocial as... Dramas are people who are really into the performing art, which basicly means they enjoy to perform infront of people. Most of the people in this group are in school plays or talent contests, and they interact with Cheerleaders, Preps, and Jocks. iva =mc 2 a
r opular e are a group of very antisocial people who like being alone..I guess. Intelligence is probably the easiest of the 6 building blocks to conquer because you don't even have to be smart
*Note: That is an upside down 'i'. i The key is to seem smart, not be smart. You can do this by just being a good student. These are the step to achieving this. P.S. This is what you call the social graph. Steps 1. Always be nice to your teachers. "Good Morning" "How are you doing to day?" "Good-bye" 2. Do your homework 3. Never be late to class 6. Read big books 7. Use big words 4. Pay attention and participate in class 5. Do good on tests Looks are a big part of Middle School, so always look your best. The only thing I can really tell you is be yourself when you put on clothes because that tells everyone the real you. Clothes are a way to express yourself, which is a real privilege. You don't have to go to school everyday wearing the same uniform. Look great, express yourself, and have fun! News is well... what is new. The news is a part of having a social life. It is basically knowing what is going, where your friend is, or if someone is in a relationship. Information like this is passed along usually through word of mouth, social networks, or texts. It can also be about sports, clubs, or events. Bad Situations Extracurricular Activities Opps! Wrong one... Opps! Wrong one... Extracurricular activities represent a lot about you,and usually are used to determine which group you are in, for example, if you are on the basketball team you are probably a jock, the academic team possibly a nerd, or if you just play Xbox 360 all day you are a geek. are all about sports and clubs. Bad situations are very bad perdicaments, for example, getting bullied. The easiest way to solve this problem is to tell an adult about this that can help you, or maybe a friend. As Eleanor Roosevelt said," No one can make you feel inferior without your consent." is some you don't want to be in. Another example is if you break up with someone, you should first accept the fact. Next,
you should try to do other things to no think about it. Then, you should not get into another relationship for a while. Finally, chill out because your single. Last thing, try to not go into the wrong bathroom by just reading the signs.
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