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BBDO Guerrero

About the Advertising Agency.

ian santos

on 10 October 2012

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Transcript of BBDO Guerrero

BBDO GUERERRO ABOUT THE ADVERTISING AGENCY A History: HOW THEY STARTED BBDO BBDO is a worldwide advertising agency network, with its headquarters in New York City. The agency originated in 1891 when George Batten founded the Batten Company. The Barton & Durstine agency (founded by Bruce Fairchild Barton and William H. Johns) opened in January 1919, and when Alex Osborn joined the company, the company was named Barton, Durstine, and Osborn. In 1928, the Batten Company (then managed by William H. Johns) merged with Barton, Durstine, and Osborn to form BBDO. THE NETWORK: THE AGENCY: BBDO GUERRERO Established in Manila in 1998, BBDO Guerrero is one of the most internationally recognized creative agencies in the Asia Pacific.
From a staff size of 30 in 1999, it houses 88 employees today. And from serving only two clients, the agency list has grown to an enviable roster from both local and international clients.
Ranked among the top 100 agencies in the 'Gunn Report' it handles the most established and respected brands in the country, like FedEx, Johnson and Johnson, P&G, Wrigley's, Pizza Hut, Bayan Wireless and Pepsi.
In its 13 years in the industry, BBDO Guerrero has more effective work for more clients than any other agency. THE PHILOSOPHY: BBDO Guerrero focuses on the philosophy of: THE WORK THE WORK THE WORK Which is based on a very simple belief that "the best work works best".
The work encompasses every kind of creative content that can touch the consumer and reinforce the brand. Their Clients The Icon of the Agency Example of Campaign Media Used Implementing IMC Departments in the Agency Bayantel/ Bayan Communications THE CLIENT THE CAMPAIGN Bayan DSL "Lola Techie" campaign WHY GET Bayan struggling to gain foothold in a competitive and aggressive category. New subscribers... WHO Are frustrated that their current service provider does not deliver on what they promise. TO See Bayan as the service provider that they can rely on to meet their expectations. BY Demonstrating the ease and simplicity of Bayan’s service. WHAT Fully integrated campaign across multiple media. EXECUTIONAL INSIGHT PRODUCT TRUTH TOTAL WORK IDEA When it comes to technology, senior citizens are the ones who are usually left behind. Bayan Broadband simplifies your internet experience. Bayan makes going online so easy, even a grandmother can do it. BRUCE FAIRCHILD BARTON (August 5, 1886 – July 5, 1967) was an American author, advertising executive, and politician. He served in the U.S. Congress from 1937 to 1940 as a Republican from New York. ALEX FAICKNEY OSBORN (May 24, 1888 – May 13, 1966) was an advertising executive and the author of the creativity technique named brainstorming.
He was largely responsible for the 1928 merger of BDO (Barton, Durstine & Osborn) with the George Batten Company to create BBDO. THE FOUNDERS ROY SARLES DURSTINE Co-founder of Bruce Barton for the Barton & Durstine agency. THE FOUNDERS THE FOUNDERS (1854-1918) Fiercely religious and humorless, he endeavored to make his advertisements 100% accurate.
His $8 million billing agency was merged with the $23 million Barton, Durstine & Osborn (BDO) in 1928, after both agencies had moved into the new office building at 383 Madison Avenue, to create BBDO. GEORGE BATTEN WILLIAM H. JOHNS He became the president of the Batten company when George Batten died in 1918. The 'Lola Techie' campaign has been hailed as the first effective "through-the-line" campaign by integrating seamlessly traditional media like TV, print, outdoor and PR with Internet media like social networking sites. Bayantel/ Bayan Communications
Dolan (Unilab)
Wrigley (Mars)
Sky Pizza Hut
Emperador Light Brandy
The Bar Saridon (Bayer)
FedEx Express
Lomotil (Johnson's and Johnson's)
Anmum (Fonterra)
Anchor (Fonterra) Pepsi
Mountain Dew
Quaker Oats
Guard Frito Lay (Pepsico)
Visa Johnson's Baby
Anlene (Fonterra)
Department of Tourism (DOT) AWARD-WINNING WORKS: "Hate late" campaign (Pizza Hut) "Courtship", "Baby" and "Fastfood" campaign (Sky cable-Broadband) "Perfect Date" TVC (Modess) Bayer's Saridon analgesic campaign (Saridon) "Sa Akin Ang Pinas" TVC (Pepsi) "It's More Fun in the Philippines" campaign (DOT)
They are responsible for handling payment of salaries, benefits, vendor costs, travel, day-to-day business costs and everything else you'd expect from doing business. They are responsible for the creation and execution of the advertisements.
They are the ones who conceive ideas for the ads and write the headlines, subheads and the body copy.
They are also involved in deciding the basic theme of the advertising campaign, and often they do prepare the rough layout of the print ad or the commercial story board. They are the conduit from the agency to the clients on the roster. It is their job to keep the work flowing into the agency, by establishing good relationships with clients and constantly keeping the temperature of the work being done.
They are also responsible for spending and maintaining accounts of its advertising budget to the advertising agency it appoints for the work. Media
- contacts media companies and researches the most accurate channel to place the advertising components in.

- develops a creative brief, which is a blueprint for the direction of the advertising campaign.
- Other responsibilities of the account-planning department include strategizing what aspects need to be included in the campaign, as well as research. Responsible for regulating the amount of work within the advertising agency.
They keep tabs on the work and monitors it through the various stages. They are able to give the status of any given advertising project at any given time.
They are the ones who track all advertising projects to ensure that they are on the proper timeline and will be completed prior to deadline. CREATIVE DEPARTMENT ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT DEPARTMENT PLANNING DEPARTMENT TRAFFIC DEPARTMENT FINANCIAL DEPARTMENT Beyond the TV commercial which showed Lola Techie using the Internet to connect with her grandson or playing her favorite online game, the campaign featured a Facebook fan page which has drawn more than 100,000 fans and 5,000 friends with an average of 250 interactions a day. Lola Techie also has accounts in other major social networking sites, and has amassed almost 4,500 followers in Multiply, 3,000 in Twitter and 2,000 in Plurk. BBDO Guerrero worked on how their client, Bayan Telecommunications, positioned itself against its competitiors whose offering centered on internet speeds.
They worked on the strategy of creating a buzz and consumer conversation for their client’s brand.
The agency targeted 25-35-year-olds, those “on-demand internet users” who are not looking for outrageous speeds which Bayan Telecommunications’ competitors centered but often than not, did not delivered on.
The agency then worked with the message that Bayan DSL simplifies one’s online experience that is so easy to use even a grandmother could use it.
The agency creatively executed the idea in the character of Lola Techie, a 66-year-old Internet-savvy who showed her internet expertice through Bayan DSL. BACKGROUND To enhance the campaign further, the tv commercials were also uploaded in YouTube. The campaign was supported by a corporate social responsibility (CSR) component called Teach Lola, where young people were trained how to teach their grandparents how to use the Internet. Bayan developed a website www.teachlola.com and organized Teach Lola sessions last September to coincide with Grandparents day in major malls to support the initiative. The Lola Techie campaign may have used different media vehicles in promoting its service; Still, it was able to show its clear message: The easy and hassle-free Internet service. In the recent Araw Awards held at the conclusion of the 21st Advertising Congress in Subic Bay, the Lola Techie campaign garnered four (4) Gold medals for its integrated campaign using TV, print, outdoor and for its viral video campaign. The campaign likewise garnered the Best in Medium in Digital, the highest award for any campaign, for its effective use of the social networking sites to create buzz for the campaign and the brand. (c) Brocka, Castaneda, Cruz, Dayrit, Ferrer, Francisco, Lawas & Ligeralde. 2AD3
Handles all of the internal business of an advertising agency, like finances and human resources.
Administrative jobs within an advertising agency are similar in scope to the same jobs in other industries, but have the added challenge of needing to understand and service clients and the distinctly different groups of agency personnel. ADMINISTRATIVE DEPARTMENT SOURCES http://www.bbdoguerrero.com/
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