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True colours campaign

No description

Pauline Chapelier

on 18 November 2014

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Transcript of True colours campaign

Analysis of this advert
True Colours
Purpose :
Promoting the Faber-Castell colouring pencils by showing how the colours are true-to-life

Target Group
Artists and people of all ages passionate by art and drawing for work or for leisure

Comfortable and/or ready to pay whatever the price for good quality products

Awareness of the brand
Chapelier Pauline & Gobbesso Emilie
True colours campaign
True Colours, Faber-Castell
German company
Top-notch pencil maker

Biggest advertising agency group in Germany
C.E. Creative Director : Alexander Schill
Analysis of this advert
True Colours
Analysis of this advert
True Colours
Media Channels :
Paper adverts rather than on TV and on radio

Specialized magazines in art and drawing

Simple and minimalist

Original and eye-catching

Promise :
The colours are authentic and close to the colours they love, even the most specific ones

The best in order to bring creative ideas to life thanks to these realistic colours


Eye-catching and minimalist advert

"Mixing and Matching" : everyday life object mixed with a pencil

Slogan “True Colours”
Thanks for your attention
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