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10 Things I Learned in Division 1

No description

Joselin Hernandez

on 6 June 2013

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Transcript of 10 Things I Learned in Division 1

10 Things i Learned in Division 1 By:Joselin Hernandez Advisory with Mr.Feng Period 2:English with Ms.Miller
and with Ms.D Period 6:Yoga with Ms.Miller Seminar:Spanish with Ms.Cortes Peer Pressure Period 4: Algebra with Mr.Feng Life Lessons In Advisory with Mr.Feng I learned the values that i need in order to be a good person in life.

I learned how to communicate with my other peers and how to be quick and efficient.

During Check-Ins and Community Circle, I felt comfortable with my other classmates and we had a good time with Mr.Feng In English I learned how to improve myself as a reader,as a writer, and even as a person.
With Ms.Miller I had a mind blowing experience, and I really enjoyed reading new texts and learning about life for others. I also learned how to create my very own sci-fi book!
I also learned how to be vulnerable,and that sharing out and being open to show your feelings doesn't make you a weak person,it means you are brave.
I also enjoyed the poetry unit with Ms.DiBernardo,i enjoyed working with her. Where do I even begin with yoga?
All i can say is that yoga brought me a lot of opportunities to expand my horizons as a person and as a growing student.
With yoga i learned various poses such as:
-Corpse pose
-Warrior I and Warrior II
-Eagle arms/eagle legs
-Standing Splits
-Head Stand/Hand Stand/Half-Shoulder Stand
And so much more!
-I also got to do my very own 15 min. sequence!
Yoga has been a wonderful experience
and i will be sure to continue my journey
forward on Yoga. -In Algebra I learned many new things, not only math things, but also life lessons that I will carry on in my life.
-I also did learn math things such as:
~Factoring trinomials
~Solving quadratics
~And much more !

In the Spanish seminar I learned how to be creative, I didn't learn the language because I already know how to speak,read,and write it. In Seminar I liked watching Extr@ because I really got to enjoy that t.v show,while the others in class were learning Spanish.
I also got to make dioramas about a movie we watched in Spanish,and I really enjoyed all the films we watched in class.
I also got to make maracas out of parts of the water bottle,tissue paper,glue and many other decorating materials.
It was nice to learn new and
creative ways to learn Spanish. Don't let your friends or other people make you change because that is not the point of life!
You want to be unique in your own way and don't let others bring you down by their words or actions,they are just jealous of how awesome of a person you are.
Don't change for anyone,as a very wise teacher says:
~Learn to love Yourself before you love others~
Also,be proud to be who you are,for a reason you are here and you have made it this far,don't let things get to you.
Don't try to impress people who will never look at you,instead pay attention to those people around you who will be there for you through thick and thin. In life you will go through your ups and downs,your ups will be happy,and your downs,well not so much but that is life...Deal with it! The graph of life Period 1: History with Ms.Merino
[The Potatoes] In History, I learned about the unfairness on life for poor immigrants such as the Irish who migrated to the United States.
I also learned that this country was once fragmented pieces, but now it is back as one union.
I learned from immigrants to the early Jamestown settlers,from being treated like a slave to being an equal person.
In History,the learning is fun and once you get in that room,trust me you never want to get out,just because Ms.Merino is that cool! Period 3: P.E with Mr.Sato THANK YOU! Thank you D1 teachers for making these two more years of my journey a very memorable experience In P.E I learned that endurance is the key to running a mile.
Mr.Sato encouraged us to be open to new sports and to try them out,because we never know if we will like or enjoy something unless we try it out.
I also learned that i like playing sports such as Hockey,and i learned by trying it out.
our class got lucky and we got to swim,and swimming was really great and I learned how to do many tricks underwater,and I was very proud of myself. Period 5:Physical Science with Ms.Esparza and Mr.Lee In Science,I learned about the non-living things in this world such as:
-States of Matter
-The Periodic Table of Elements
-Solar System
-Chemical and Physical changes
-Molecules and more!
I also got to learn why and how things work and I got to do a science experiment with Narly,Keyla and Gabriela! And that experiment left a mess, but it was fun!
Mr.Lee taught us,and he was a very good teacher and i got to learn about interesting things with him. Always have three people in your life to seek help and help you through the difficulties of life. Like Mr.Feng,he is a very good person,and a a very good mentor. Find your TRUE best friends,sometimes friend are not the same things as best friends.
Don't try to be one of the "popular" kids because in the end no one will remember anything about popularity or about who wore the best clothes or who had the most likes on social medias.
Things that are important today
won't matter tomorrow -I also learned that you need to be patient in order to achieve greatness. Being in Period 4 with Mr.Feng made me learn a lot about the person who i was,the person who I am, and the person who I want to become.-Learning with Mr.Feng has taught me a lot of things that I will never forget.
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