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Intro to Careers In Transportation

Introduction to the transportation industry

Michelle McCutcheon-Schour

on 2 August 2013

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Transcript of Intro to Careers In Transportation

Insert Your TSA Courses here:
Highway &
Road Construction
Jobs in Maritime
Deckhand (entry level)
Port/Marina worker
Maritime jobs in Vermont
Rail in the U.S.
Trains travel 599 million miles each year
There are 125,000 rail transportation jobs
Hauling freight by rail is more efficient than hauling it by truck
and Logistics
Moving good across the state and continent.
There are 486,000 Jobs
in aviation in the U.S.!
Vehicle Operations (6 out of 10 jobs)
Vehicle Maintenance (2 out of 10 jobs)
Facilities, Track, & Road Maintenance (1 out of 10 jobs)
Central Services and Administration (1 out of 10 jobs)
It may seem strange to think of a pipeline as “transportation,” but pipelines
get the liquids and gases from
Point A to Point B, and
if not transported by pipeline, it
would need to be hauled some
other way.
Careers in Transportation
Careers in Transportation
What is the Transportation System in Vermont?
What is the Transportation System in the US?
Aviation in Vermont
Think About it!
How did you get to school when you were 10 yrs old?
Rail in Vermont
Distribution and Logistics
jobs Vermont
Industry Employers: Fedex, UPS, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters

Possible careers: Logistics coordinator, truck driver, storage and distribution managers.
Industry Employers: Lake Champlain Ferries, Fort Ticonderoga Ferry, United States Coast Guard

Possible Careers: Captain, Engineer,
Industry employer: Vermont GasPossible careers include: Installer, Service Technician, Meter Technician, Gas Technician, Welder, Equipment Operator
Industry employer: Vermont Gas,

Possible careers include:, Service Technician, Meter Technician, Gas Technician, Welder, Equipment Operator
Pipeline in Vermont
Industry employer: Heritage Aviation, Burlington International Airport, several regional airports and over 200 companies providing goods and services to the aerospace/aviation industry.

Possible careers include: Airframe/Powerplant Technician, Avionics Technician, Pilot, Air Traffic Controller, Manufacturer
Jobs in Transit:
Transit in Vermont
Industry employer: Chittenden County Transit Authority (CCTA), Greyhound, Megabus

Possible careers include: Mechanic, Vehicle Operator, Route Planner, Customer Service Representative
Industry employer: VTrans, town garages.

Possible careers include: Maintenance, Construction, Planning, Plowing
Road Construction and Bridge Building jobs in Vermont
Questions or Comments?
How did you get to school when you were 10 yrs old?
Today's Learning Outcomes:
1. Be able to describe careers available in the transportation industry.
2. Discover how the TSA can be a foot in the door to transportation careers.
3. Explore entry level jobs with the State of Vermont.
Directions for Use:
1. Go to www.prezi.com to learn how to use prezi.
2. Read the directions for use found at http://www.uvm.edu/~transctr/?Page=workforcedev/systemsacademy.php
3. Make a copy of this prezi for your own use.
4. Customize the Prezi for your TSA
5. Delete this box and present!

1. Introductions

Intro to Careers in Transportation
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