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My Hometown's Warmth

No description

Geromaine Lacambra

on 22 February 2016

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Transcript of My Hometown's Warmth

There is this wonderful place, Echague, Isabela
Which vested me a life, identity and persona
A province that appends my feet closer into its rich ground
Trying to greet and embrace me every time I’m around.
Behind the house is a huge and sturdy mango tree
Wherein we sit around and take pleasure of the warm breeze
From here, we can see the infinite sight of an emerald field
With the chirping birds, I and my folks share our stories.
Someday my hometown might fail to recognize me,
I’m getting old while this place clinches more prosperity
But there’s no place I’d rather be so I’ll keep coming back
Until my knees are no longer strong to make me stand.
My Hometown's Warmth
In the morning, before the alarm clock even strikes its first noise
The rooster crows and awakens everyone’s core
The sun unswervingly flashes its light through the spaces on the wooden walls
Offering me some more daylight hours to enjoy.
By Geromaine L. Lacambra
At lunchtime, everyone sits around a long stilted table
With our bare hands, we enjoy the foods cooked for us all
Our meals are freshly prepared from our own yard or fishpond
Wholly green and healthy, that makes it more pleasurable.
There is no sound coming from vehicles or machineries
I lie down in a cradle peacefully, away from worries and sting
I wait for the sun to turn into its glowing orange color
This is the most scenic moment to slacken off my soul.
My Hometown’s Warmth
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