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Untitled Prezi

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Karla Cristina Landi Marca

on 19 March 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Medical problems My Mother likes and dislikes describing characteristics having children is so wonderful because they make you happy
being a mom is such a very happy life in my mom's life
having a family is so beautiful That live with the people you love
having a child is so so stressful but it is interesting
my mon is too orderly
my mon is pretty enough Things this person my mom cares about all the things many family
my mom does not care much the cartoons
my mom is interested in the caniones as many vallenatos
my mom likes some books
my mom likes any progamade TV comedy my mom is sick with headache
my mom got sick with the flu and went to the doctor
my mom got sick with stomach pain and took some pills
my mom heard tube a fraud of which went to the hospital my celebrity My mother likes to order
My mother loves her family
My mother enjoys family outings
My mother likes cooking
My mother loves to play with my brother
My mother enjoys listening music Attitude towards life my mom always care Carefully
Because my mom is loving she always worries about us
my mom never leave us alone
today my mom cook my favorite food
Quickly my mom makes decisions on punishment my mom is good-looking to my grandfather
my mom always hard-wearing all problems
My mom likes to be free-standing in your life
my mom never in his life been a cold-blooded person
my mom is a kind-hearted person
my mom has always been a well-behaved person Personality
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