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Theme Analysis of The Road by Cormac McCarthy

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Jamie C.

on 12 August 2016

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Transcript of Theme Analysis of The Road by Cormac McCarthy

Theme Analysis of "The Road" by Cormac McCartthy
Theme Analysis
In the book right from the start the man is protective of the boy and will do what he has to to protect him and make sure he lives. For example when a man attacks the boy in the beginning of the book the man has no hesitation in shooting him. The man's determination for survival is not for himself it is for the boy in hopes he will live on. The only person stopping the man from killing/saving himself from this post-apocalyptic world is the boy. The man teaches the boy as much as he can in the journey in hopes it will fulfill his role as a father and guarantee the boys survival once he passes.
Character Relation to Theme

The theme is based off the relationship of the two characters of the father and son. It has to do with their relationship and how it affects the actions the man will take for the boy. Also having to do with what he will put them through to reach their destination of sanctuary in the south. The man doesn't rely on just giving up, for example he doesn't see ending their lives altogether as an option. He has hope for his son and that he will survive. His whole reason for venturing to the South is in hopes he will find shelter for his son.
Development of Characters through Theme

In the beginning of the novel the boy is very dependent on the father, where the boy wouldn't want to live if his father weren't to be with him. As for the father he sees the boy as his only reason to live, he sees his life purpose as making sure the boy has a life even though the world had become so corrupt. The bond of the boy and the man becomes stronger through every interaction they have with a situation that is potentially life threatening, for example when they run into cannibals. By the end of the book when the man is reaching his death he tells the boy to only look for "the good guys", by telling his son this he is engraving in the boy's brain everything he has taught him on their journey in hopes all his knowledge from the man will keep him safe.
The most prevalent theme in the road is the bond of a parent and a child.
In the book the father portrays this bond throughout the book by ensuring his son's safety before his own. He does everything he can to have his son enjoy the life he has left even though there is little left of what the world used to be.
Overall Theme Significance
Overall the theme is very significant because the man and boy are the main two protagonists of the book making their relationship the most prevalent. A lot of the book has to do with how the man and boy have a special bond, where the man teaches the boy certain tricks on how to survive in hopes when he passes the boy will live on and thrive in a dangerous and lifeless world. They both depend on one another for survival since the boy can't live without his father and the man doesn't see a point in living without his son.
Theme Analysis of "The Road" by Cormac McCarthy
By: Jamie Crompton
a bond unlike no other
a connection understood by a mother
the nurturer to the cycle of life
the curves and bends that will come
the protection of a father
who only cares for survival
in a world that is collapsing to nothing
the bond unbreakable like a metal rod
danger waiting at every corner like a panther ready to pounce
instincts as sharp as a knife
in hopes to protect the one they live for
the one who lives by them
one dependent on the other, living for one another

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