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Copy of Employer Branding

No description

Piotr Klonowski

on 18 January 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Employer Branding

Recently we started a series of interviews with our managers who started their journey in KP as interns. So far 3 interviews have been published. Kompania Piwowarska EMPLOYER BRANDING - young talent
- professionals
- general
- internal Young Talents 4 target groups - Universities

- Promotional gifts

- Business engagement

- Internship program - Innovations' Company

- Summer apprenticeship program - In Good Company

- Universum Top100 ranking

- Co-operation with University of Science in Poznań Business engagement Professionals - Antal International and Business Centre Club Ranking

- Randstadt Awards

- Candidate Briefing Packs

- Welcome Packs ANTAL "employer of choice" award Randstad Awards General - Job advertisments layouts

- Employer profiles

- Career page

- Videos

- Facebook

- Recruitment gifts

- Press articles Universities Promotional materials Innovations' Company In Good Company Universum TOP 100 Co-operation with University of Technology in Poznan Candidate Briefing Pack Welcome Packs Job advertisment layouts Employer profiles Videos Facebook Recruitment gifts Press articles

KP takes part in many activities such as work fairs or workshops for students on selected universities, which include:

Universities of Science in Poznań, Katowice and Łódź
Universities of Economy in Poznań, Warsaw and Katowice
Warsaw School of Economics Work fair stand Roll-ups Leaflets We invite our business experts to participate in many events aimed on young talents to strengthen our impact. Most recently Paweł Łazicki, our category manager, has met with students of University of Economics in Warsaw to talk about category management and FMCG in general.
Students rated the lecture at 9,5 out of 10 points, emphasizing the dynamics, interactive content and clarity of the presentation as its strongest points. They also assessed employer brand of KP at 8,9/10. 6-month paid internships for the best an internship program dedicated to business students 3 editions over 150 participants and 11 finalists last year 8 people who have stayed in KP after internship (61% of all) Free summer apprenticeship program for students of all departments in almost every KP localization. over 80 participants in 2012 In opinion of students expressed in the survey of preferred employers, carried out by Universum and published with Newsweek in December, KP ranks as follows: 25th in "Business"
29th in "Medicine and Pharmacy"
38th in "Engineering"
31st in "Social Sciences"
20th in "Science" Each category includes only opinion of students of appropriate field. KP has not been in the first 50 in "Law" and "IT" KP has won 5th place in FMCG category in employer of choice survey carried out by Antal and Business Centre Club, leaving its direct competitors from beer industry far behind (11th and 14th place). The unique feature of the survey was that it included only managers and professionals and did not have a pre-defined list of companies. It was top of the mind choice. KP placed 11th overall in the Randstad "Employer of choice" ranking that included opinion of over 7000 respondents aged 18-64. It was the highest position from all FMCG companies. We prepared a short book that contains condensed key information from all departments along with our employees' opinions and statistical data. We use specialized advertisment layouts for different target groups - production workers, specialists and managers. We have interactive company profiles on all major job portals in Poland KP has its own YouTube channel, where videos concerning (among others) employee development, social responsibility and current events are posted. We have or own Facebook profile dedicated to EB, where we inform and comment on various EB activities We have prepared a set of small gadgets that we give out to candidates after interviews. KP is also present in various printed sources, both in those aimed at students and professionals. Our employees are also cited in press as experts and commentators. Press sources include:
Rzeczpospolita (one of the biggest newspapers in Poland)
Personnel & Management (major HR-related magazine)
Eurostudent (major publication for students) Also, our promotional videos are played on the TV's in the main building of University of Warsaw. 7 localisations 9 departments Manufacturing Development Program 4 people joined the production department in KP for 1,5 year internship program dedicated to engineering students. They are working in each of our breweries and currently are half the way through their internship. KP cooperates with University of Technology in Poznan for 2 years within the EU-sponsored project called "Knowledge for Economy". Last year KP took 4 best students of Chemistry for a 3 month apprenticeship in laboratories in Poznan Brewery. Their work and engagement was very well assessed by their managers. It is handed out to candidates for managerial positions to provide them with more information about our company and increase their motivation. Career Page TV Internal recrutiment feedback Induction feedback Małe Piwo Świat Piwa We have set up a customized Career page with unique layout that informs about all our Employer Brand activities such as internship or apprenticeship programs. The site is divided into sections for professionals and young talents and content includes videos, interviews with our employees or interns or sustainable development informations. Our beermats that are a part of this set have become a rarities for the beer fans! INTERNAL COMMUNICATION - internal recrutiment feedback

- induction feedback

- Małe Piwo

- Świat Piwa

- TV news Each quarter we make phone interviews with randomly chosen people who were rejected during internal recruitment (around 1/3 of them) to identify weak points in the process and check the quality of feedback they receive, to ensure it helps them with their development. The quality of feedback in the first half of F13 was rated as 4 on 1-6 scale (1 - very bad, 6 - excellent). We also quarterly check the feedback on quality of induction process by sending stardarized forms to people who joined KP in the last three months. Forms are different for those who joined KP for the first time and those who changed positions internally. That way we also check the quality of recruitment process . In the first half of F13 the quality of induction was rated as 4,5 on 1-6 scale (1 - very bad, 6 - excellent), while the quality of recruitment process scored 5 on the same scale. We are also active on our internal social network called "Małe Piwo". Another communication channel we are using internally is our bulletin called "Świat Piwa". We use it to communicate major events regarding HR processess. http://platforma10.instytut.com.pl/przegladarka_tv.php?kw=15f9d7bb43ed50dd4872 (from 1:40) Statement from KP representative was presented in the national TV news together with some shots from our brewery in Poznan. Topic of discussion was unemployment of young people in Poland and EU.
Link to the full material can be found below: All external candidates for positions on grade I+ receive welcome packs after the offer is accepted. Welcome packs consist of samples of our products, last few numbers of our internal bulletin, gift pack, candidate briefing pack and a welcome card. The pack is delivered to candidate's place of residence by mail
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