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Mr. Barkes

Daniel Barkes

on 6 December 2010

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Transcript of Japan

is a series of islands of the coast of the Korean Peninsula
Where is Japan located in regards to the ring of fire?
What types of natural disasters would they experience?
Mt. Fuji eruption 1701
The Great Kanto Earthquake, worst in history, destroyed Tokyo, and killed over 140,000 peope!
Emperor Hirohito led the Japanese into WWII
Dec. 7, 1941Bombed Pearl Harbor
Surrendered at the end of WWII
Time to rebuild
Pearl Harbor
All together the Japanese sank or severely damaged 18 ships, including the 8 battleships, three light cruisers, and three destroyers. On the airfields the Japanese destroyed 161 American planes (Army 74, Navy 87) and seriously damaged 102 (Army 71, Navy 31).
The Navy and Marine Corps suffered a total of 2,896 casualties of which 2,117 were deaths (Navy 2,008, Marines 109) and 779 wounded (Navy 710, Marines 69).
Why would the U.S. want to help rebuild Japan?
Trade partner
Communist China
Japan was in ruins
Japanese were demilitarized.
What does this mean?
US occuppied Japan from 1945-1952
Made economic reforms:
Including redistributing land
from the rich to the poor
Why would the US redistribute land?
U.S. created a democracy in Japan
Was the occupation successful?
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