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Lord Of The Flies Soundtrack Project

No description

destiny vance

on 19 May 2015

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Transcript of Lord Of The Flies Soundtrack Project

By: Destiny Vance, Phoenix Whalen, Sam Paur and Tim Simpson
Lord Of The Flies Soundtrack Project
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Chapter 9
Chapter 10
Chapter 11
Chapter 12
We chose the song "Party In The USA" by Miley Cyrus. In chapter 1, they boys realize that they're on an island without any adults. The lyrics "my tummies turning and im feeling kind of homesick" relate to the novel because the boys are scared for their lives. Piggy also speaks about being out of breath. "That's right, cant catch my breath. I was the only boy in school who had asthma"(9). The lyrics are related because he's out of breath and they've just arrived at the island, so they're a bit anxious.
Chapter 2 of the novel is about Ralph becoming leader. They need to set rules so it doesnt become an anarchy. The song "The Ruler And The Killer" by Kid Cudi relates to the story because he says "when I talk, you should listen. All of you belong to me. Come on, we should get it going. Now what I want is specific. Respect what I have done for thee"."We"ll have rules! Lots of them!"(33). Says Ralph. He becomes leader and puts everyone in check.
In chapter 3, Jack is describes as animalistic/ predatory while hunting."Jack stood there, streaming with sweat, streaked with brown earth. he is stained by all the vicissitudes of a days hunting"(49). The song that would describe Jack is the song "Animal" by Natalie Taylor. The lyrics that relate are "Im a different animal, animal. you cant hold me back, back no more. wont let you hold me back because im a different animal".
"Everybody's got somebody but me" by Hunter Hayes describes Ralphs emotions after the conch loses meaning. "without you i just dont fit in. i know we're through, but im wishing we could try it again". Ralph was "suddently pacing by the water, he was overcome with astonishment"(76). He was amazed that he had been overthrown. He knew what they needed, and that was rules. He was providing the kids with rules. He wasn't quite sure on why he wasn't good at being chief anymore.
The loss of identity was lost within chapter 4."The smaller boys were known now by the generic title of the "littluns"(59). The song to best describe this chapter is the song "identity" by Blaze. "Who am I, what is me. I'm losing my identity. Who am I, what is me, somethings taking over". The song is describing the loss of individuality. They no longer are called by their own names, they're described as a group now.
During chapter 6, the beast gets brought up. The twins (Samneric) bring it up. "We've seen the beast with our own eyes! No-we weren't asleep-"(100). The song refers to the beast itself. "Monster, how should I feel? Creatures lie here, looking through the window". The boys are becoming a bit paranoid of the beast now and they feel like its always watching them.
Ralph starts losing hope in chapter 7. "This was the divider, the barrier. On the other side of the island, swathed at midday with mirage. Defended by the shield of the quiet lagoon, one might dream of rescue"(111). The song that closely relates to Ralph's mood is "losing hope" by Jack Johnson. "losing hope is easy when your other friend is gone. And every time you look around, well, it all, it all seems to change".
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