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The History Of Bikes

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Del Mar Heights5

on 31 October 2016

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Transcript of The History Of Bikes

The History of Bikes
Velocipede or Boneshaker
In 1860, Karl Drais invented the boneshaker. This time it had pedals but applied directly to the front wheel. Mostly wood with metal wheels. It was called the boneshaker because it was very uncomfortable.
High Wheeled Bicycle
High Wheeled Safety Bicycle
In the 1900's John Kemp Starling ( who was Jame's son) invented the High wheel Safety bicycle. It was kind of dangerous to put the wheel on the front so they put it on the back.
The Walking Machine
The walking machine was invented in 1817. It basically was a bike that had no pedals. When you walked it was not a normal walk, it was more of a glide in the air.
Motorized Bicycle
In 1910, Sylvester H. Roper added a motor onto a bike. It was one of the first modern bikes. The main reason why people wanted to make a motorized bike was because children wanted motors on bikes.
Mountain Bike
The Mountain Bike was invented in 1977 by Joe Breeze. They are made speacial for dirt because it has bigger wheels and spikes on the bottom.
James Starley invented the High wheeled bicycle. (AKA penny farthing) was the first completely medal bike with solid rubber tires.
They discovered the larger the wheel the further you could go in one rotation. The front wheel was bigger then the back wheel.
Science of cycling
Bicycle How-To
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