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Gilgamesh Map Project

No description

Joe Cutler

on 22 October 2012

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Transcript of Gilgamesh Map Project

Gilgamesh's Journey URUK PEOPLE Gilgamesh Ninsun Prostitute Settings in Uruk Elder Council Ninsun's house “Gilgamesh was king of Uruk, a city set between the Tigris and Euphates river in ancient Babylonia.” Pg. 15. This quote sets the basis for the story, and tells us the general location of Uruk, where the beginning of the story takes place. “Into the marketplace to the Family House to sleep with the virgins, or when he told his dreams to his mother, Ninsun” Pg. 17. This quote frames the setting of Ninsun’s house. This setting symbolizes home. His mother figure lives there, and he often comes back for advice, making it somewhat of a base camp for him. “...Together to the marketplace to notify the Elders of Uruk, who were meeting in their senate.” Pg. 30. This setting shows wisdom. Usually, the Hero goes to an elder, or a powerful figure for advice or permission. In Gilgamesh, Gilgamesh and Enkidu travel to Elder Council to get permission for their quest to kill Humbaba. Events in Uruk Gilgamesh and Enkidu Fight Gilgamesh Goes to Ninsun “Ninsun said: The ax is a man Who is your friend and equal. He will come. A graceful man who will lift you out of tiredness” Pg. 20. This is the first major event that happens in the story. This is Gilgamesh’s call to adventure. His mother figure, Ninsun, tells him that he will meet his equal, and he will be changed for the better by him. Hero. Half-God Mother figure Temptress Enkidu Sidekick, Originally Half-Animal Humbaba's forest “They fell like wolfs at each others throats, like bulls bellowing, and horses gasping for breath.” Pg. 22. This quote describes the battle between Gilgamesh and Enkidu when Enkidu comes to Uruk. After seeing each other, they charge, and attack. After an unknown period of time, they are so exhausted, they look at each other, and begin to laugh. Events Fight against Humbaba “And he swing it in a perfect arc Into Humbaba’s neck. He reached out to touch the wounded sholder of his friend. This quote sums up the fight against Humbaba perfectly. At the end of the battle, Gilgamesh kills Humbaba with an axe blow, but not before Humbaba can score a critical hit on Enkidu. (It’s super effective!) People Humbaba Setting “Some called the forest ‘Hell’ and others ‘Paradise’”. Pg. 35 Humbaba’s forest symbolizes danger, and the unknown. When G & E arrive at the forest, they are greeted by watchmen, and Enkidu is promptly electrocuted by a fence. This is forshadowing to the fact that Enkidu is going to die. Mountains of Mashu Path of the Sun Events Meeting Ishtar “Ishtar came, Their city’s patroness. Goddess of love and fruitfullness and war.” Pg. 42. As Gilgamesh and Enkidu prepare to head back to Uruk, Ishtar appears. She is the daughter of Anu, a god. She gives Gilgamesh clothes, and asks him to marry her. She symbolizes a temptress. She is attempting to distract Gilgamesh from his quest. Needless to say, she fails. Ironically, this leads to Enkidu’s death, which sends Gilgamesh on another quest. Bull Fight Somewhere outside the Forrest People Bull of heaven Villan Ishtar Temptress Anu Villan “Enkidu, to protect his friend, found strength. He lunged from side to side waiting for his chance to seize the horns”. Pg. 45. This quote explains what happens right before Enkidu dies. As the bull charges after him, he stabs it though the neck. After the bull is dead however, Enkidu's condition worsenes. Enkidu's Death "Tears filled his eyes as he appealed to Ninsun, his mother, and to the Elders" Pg. 48. This quote happens after the bull fight, when Gilgamesh returns to Uruk. Enkidu is on the verge of death, and Gilgamesh is in a horrible state. Enkidu then dies on page 50. Desert "Gilgamesh wandered through the desert alone as he had never been alone" This quote is from the passage that talks about Gilgamesh's journey through the desert. The desert represents the unknown, and the dangerous. When he arived at the mountains of Mashu, who's peaks reach to the shores of heaven, and whose roots decent to Hell..." This quote breifly describes the Mountains of Mashu, which symbolize a new worldview, and a new beginning. People Scorpion People Protecters/Guardians Events Encounter with the scorpion people "The scorpion interupted him and laughed, Being impatient with such tales and fearful of sentiment: no one is able to explain, no one has gone beyond these mountains. There is only death." After Gilgamesh reaches the Mountains of Mashu, he is warned by the Scorpion People not to go farther. "He entered the Road of the sun which was shrouded in darkness. He could see neither what was ahead of him, nor behind." This quote describes the Road of the Sun, which symbolizes the hero's trials. Gilgamesh does not heed the warnings of the Scorpion People, and Continues on. Through his travels, Gilgamesh learns that, for human beings, the only ways to be immortal are to connect (with others) and to create something lasting ` Siduri's Cottage "Until he reached the sea and came upon a cottage where a barmaid named Siduri lived." Siduri's house symbolizes a restart, because Gilgamesh takes a break from his journey there. People Siduri Mentor Events Gilgamesh's rest "She took pity on him, and let him enter and lie down and rest." Once Gilgamesh reaches Siduri's house, He is incredibly tired and just out of it. Siduri kindly takes him in, and Gilgamesh sleeps. Siduri's advice "Alright, she sighed; She had despaired of him already. You must find his boatman Urshanabi." This is another beginning. Now, Gilgamesh knows how to find the secret to life, and also wants to find it, this time. Sea of death Gilgamesh Other side of the
Sea of Death People Unapishtim Mentor "Utnapishtim stood on the other shore, His old and rugged feaures worn" This quote introduces the character of Utnapishtim, who then tells Gilgamesh about the Rose of Life. Events Utnapishtim's story Rose River "There is a plant in the riber. Its thorns will prick your hands as a rose throrn pricks, but it will give you new life" This quote is Utnapishtim telling Gilgamesh where the Rose is. Once Gilgamesh gets there, he plucks the rose from the water, and dances around. He then places it on the ground, and goes to swim in a spring. This symbolizes purification. However, as he was bathing, a serpent (the clasic archetype of evil) eats the rose. Gilgamesh is devistated, and makes his way back to Uruk. ` Thank you!
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