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Google Glass

Heard about the Google Glass? Yup, it's so cool! Learn more about it by watching this Prezi!

Yulina Goto

on 13 September 2015

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Transcript of Google Glass

How to activate Glass
The feel
- it is a wearable technology with an optical head-mounted display (OHMD)
- was developed by Google
- displays information like a smartphone
-has a hands-free format
1. To activate Glass, wearers tilt their heads 30° upward or tap the touchpad, and say "O.K., Glass."

2. Once Glass is activated, wearers can say an action

3. The voice response is told through a transducer that sits beside the ear.
-The price hasn't dropped in a year

- At $1,500 (£1,000) plus tax

-Google Glass is priced for the average person
By: Yulina Goto, Hannah Ryoo and Andrea Chen
Google Glass
- expensive
- Google Glass will show advertisements
- Could cause car accidents
- It is gets easily damaged
- Limited number of apps
- Battery life is very poor
- Easy to wear and use
- Fast access to map, documents, videos, chats, etc.
- A new trend for fashion lovers together being an innovative technology
- Very useful to disabled people
What We Think
Yulina- "I think that Google Glass is very cool and useful. Though it is a little too expensive, I think the money is worth it. I would want to have one of my own."

Hannah- "I don't think I would like to have one of my own because it is expensive and I don't think it's that useful in our lives."

Andrea- "I think it may be useful for people with disability but not for people because we will get too reliable on it."
How Google Glass works
Video Display
-Weighs only 42 grams (1.48 oz)
-It is just out of one's line of sight, they often forget they're wearing it.
- Google Glass might give you slight headaches.
-The team at the Venice headquarters would warn you not to use Glass for more than a few hours for the first couple of days.
- It's unnatural to have just one eye focus on a screen while the other goes without use, but your eyes and brain get used to that after a while.
Guide to Google Glass:
Elders react to Google Glass:
Thanks for listening!
Question Time
1. Why does the screen seem to 'pop-up' when you put on the Google Glass?
(Prizes will be awarded) :)
Hint: Because there is a ____ that works like a ____ (The underline DOES NOT represent the number of letter in the words)
2. What is one advantage and one disadvantage of having Google Glass?
3. What can you do to active Glass? (Name 2)
4. Why might Google Glass give you slight headaches at first?
(Sorry, it was a little long, but hope you enjoyed it!)
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