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NYSASBO: Grants 101

June 2014 workshop presented by Grants & Development Service

Megan Allen

on 13 July 2015

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Transcript of NYSASBO: Grants 101

Megan Allen, Program Manager
Does your district apply for competitive grants?
Thank you for inviting me!
at Capital Region BOCES
Grants & Development Service
What is fundable
Grant award examples
Realistic expectations
Getting started: how to, tips
Today's agenda
What is
meet the funder's
point of view, priority
Projects that:
have specific goals
have reachable goals
meet a need
unique, innovative
E X A M P L E S :
salaries, O&M*
education costs
Tips to increase your odds
Follow the directions
Use clear, succinct language
Avoid jargon
Relate to the funder’s priorities
Look to the regional, state funders
Look to funders who give out multiple awards
Apply to more than one funder
Ask for feedback if you’re not funded
Keep trying!
Decide who will do
the work (do they need training, resources?)
Discuss funding priorities
Research funders
Write proposals
Grants are not usually:
quick and easy to write
quick and easy to receive
should apply for grants!
Guest musician
Who gives grants?
Community Foundations
*Except when program-related and acceptable under the funder's guidelines

Other considerations:
your district's demographics
who will write grants
managing grant awards
sustainability of
grant-funded programs
time to write grants
Shows district is pursuing
alternative funding sources
May be able to replace what cut
Allows district to support new programs
Can increase staff morale
Could fund school- or district-wide improvements
supplement not supplant
Ready to start?
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