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Summer 2013 Internship Presentation

End of the year presentation from my internship at B. Braun. All illustrations created by Hollei Keifer.

Hollei Keifer

on 8 August 2013

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Transcript of Summer 2013 Internship Presentation

Hollei Keifer
Graphic Design Intern
Corporate Communications
Kutztown University

Communication Design
Graphic Design & Web Design
(LOVE Illustration!)
What is a Graphic Designer?
Someone who visually communicates to an audience using images, words and ideas that produce a specific effect.
Basically someone who
is super cool and creative!
What a Corporate Communications Graphic Design Intern does...
Works with a variety of departments.
Learns and researches about each product.
Adds the final piece to everyone's ideas.
Has Fun!

Corporate Brand Guidelines
Unifying a brand by using the same fonts, colors, logo and design elements.
B. Braun Green
B. Braun Logo
Brand Band
Rotis Sans Serif
Project List
Pinnacle Pharmacy Guide & Patient Guide
CME Table Top Graphics (OPM & Hospital)
HR Postcard for Westminster
Contiplex C Flash Banner
Space Infusion System Brochure
Development Plan Campaign (HR Mascot)
Gurney Journey Infographic
AVA Door Drop
AVA Onsite Program Guide Ad
AVA Full Wall Booth Graphic
Card and Banner for Ken Raines 50th Anniversary
I also got to model as a nurse!
Space Infusion System Brochure
AVA Campaign
AVA Onsite Program Guide Ad
AVA Lenticular Door Drop
First Step
Second Step
Gurney Journey Infographic
What did I learn from my internship at B. Braun?
More about B. Braun and their products.
How to communicate in a corporate environment.
The process of getting projects approved.
My education has prepared me for the real world.
To be continued...
Other Work
Avitum Bookmarks
HR Postcard
Development Plan Campaign
OPM CME Tabletop Graphic
HC CME Tabletop Graphic
Ken Raines 50th Anniversary Card and Banner
Office of Student Involvement
Graphic Designer
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