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Mt. Vesuvius

No description

on 28 February 2014

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Transcript of Mt. Vesuvius

a later view
How it was Formed
by Austin Sloan
Mt. Vesuvius is located at the red dot,[ Italy]
Monday, March 3, 2014
Vol XCIII, No. 311
Mt. Vesuvius
Basic Anatomy/Cross Section Drawing
Plant and Animal Life
How is it Important
Plates that surround

The Basic Anatomy of a volcano is ash, lava, lava dome, vent, fissure, and magma.
Cross Section of a Volcano
The question was to describe plant and animal life on Mt. Vesuvius that live near or on the base of the volcano. The answer to that would be not many animals or people live on or near Mt. Vesuvius because there is still ash under the surface soil.
The question was name the type of plate,boundary located at or near Mt. Vesuvius. the answer we found was that Mt. Vesuvius was found at a convergent plate boundary.
The elevation of Mt.Vesuvius is approximately 4,203' [ 1,281m]
The question was to
describe how the volcano
was important to the
people who lived there
religious wise. The
answer would be that most people believe that
Mt. Vesuvius is a living,
breathing creature that
protects them.
The question was to explain how Mt. Vesuvius was formed and how it
effects its size and shape. the answer is... the Eurasian and African plate collided. The African plate subducted
and then the Eurasian plate was
pushed upward. Since they are
convergent plate boundaries,
Vesuvius is still getting bigger.
Once again the question was, to
name the tectonic plate or plates that surround Mt. Vesuvius. Our answer to that would be, the Euraian and the African plate both surround it.
Kenzy Wooldridge
Kenzy Wooldridge
by Andrew Jackson
by Andrew Jackson
Mt. Vesuvius Elevation
by Kenzy Wooldridge
Mt. Vesuvius
This was a very tragic event.
by Andrew Jackson
Plate Boundaries

Vesuvius erupted about 100 years until 1037. It was dormant for the next 600 years, until it erupted in 1631. It's now back to every 100 years.
How Often Does it Erupt???
Austin Sloan
A tear in the African Plate lets magma flow up to Vesuvius and then the magma melts the African plate's rocks. Earthquakes push the African plate deeper, forcing the magma up.
What Factors Cause Mt. Vesuvius to Erupt?
Austin Sloan
The answer is ash and pumice spouts out of the volcano, along with boiling gases and volcanic matter. Earth quakes shake the land before and after the eruption.
How Does An Eruption From Mt. Vesuvius Look?
Austin Sloan
Mt. Vesuvius last erupted on March 13, 1944. The damage was that the lava from the eruption made a lava field up to the altitude of about 1,140-1,150 miles. The eruption occured shortly after the arrival in Naples of the Allied Forces in World War 2. The eruption destroyed the air force plains stationed at Jenzigno.
There are many volcanic hazards other than just the lava on Mt. Vesuvius such as, Lahars, gases, and ash beneath the soil.
Hazards of Mt. Vesuvius
Savannah Walters
To prepare for a volcanic eruption, you would need protection such as, a first aid kit, eye protection, emergency food and water, manual appliances, flashlight and batteries, essential medicines, plenty of clothes and shoes, and a battery powered radio.
Safety Rules
Savannah Walters
When did Mt. Vesuvius last Erupt?
Kenzy Wooldridge
The most dangerous volcanoes are composite. They are also called Strato volcanoes. They are so dangerous because they have very viscous magma/ lava, this magma clogs the craterpipe, building up pressure. This pressure will increase resulting in a very explosive eruption.
The Most Dangerous Type
Savannah Walters
Thanks for Watching!!!!!!!
If there are any questions feel free to ask!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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