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Saint Nicholas

No description

Bennett Ruedas

on 28 October 2012

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Transcript of Saint Nicholas

His feast day is December 6. Saint Nicholas by Alex Ruedas When
and Where
St. Nicholas Lived That's over 1,700 years ago! He was born in 270 A.D., and he died in 343 A.D. He lived in Lycia (now Turkey). Interesting
Facts about
St. Nicholas St. Nicholas is
Best Known
as... References and Tools: Symbols of St. Nicholas Miter and Hooked Staff Ship and Anchor Children Lycia He was an only child. He became the Bishop of Myra (in Lycia) in 300 A.D. when he was 30. He was a good student and became a priest at age 19. Saint Nicholas
by Ann Thompert, 2000

St. Nicholas: Discovering the Truth about Santa Claus
by St. Nicholas Center, 2002 - 2012

Google Maps

Prezi.com Prisoners The Patron Saint of: Interesting Facts Children Ships and Sailors Over 6,000 miles away! This is the day he went to Heaven. 19 days
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