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Montague/Capulet Family Tree

Family tree for Montague/Capulet based on Live and Let Live, a Being Human Fanfiction

Preston Janes

on 3 April 2012

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Transcript of Montague/Capulet Family Tree

The Montague/Capulet Family Tree And Time Line Timeline 1200's 1300's 1400's 1500's 1600's 1700's 1800's 1900's 2000's Half of the family migrates North to England
Half the family migrates South to the Republic of Venice in Italy The family splinters into fourteen factions
House's of Capulet And Montague Emerge Giacomo Montague, Mariabella Montague-Capulet, and Giovanni Capulet are murdered
Aronne Capulet becomes Patriarch of the House of Capulet
House's are divided in enmity Blood feud Continues
Giulietta Caterina Capulet is born
Romeo Alessandro Montague is born
Romeo and Giulietta elope, send their families into a unified fury
The act of rebellion is rewritten Romeo and Giulietta, now Alexander and Kate, return to Italy in force.
Under the guise of the plague, they destroy the power threshold of their families and take control as the rightful heirs
In England, the remainder of the family is wiped out and scattered to the wind Alexander and Kate move to America, playing their part in the American Revolution.
Kate and Alexander separate
Kate takes Aidan as a paramour Alexander and Kate reconcile; Aidan is forcibly removed.
Bishop, Kate's second in command, takes him under wing. Kate and Alexander take part in the World Wars, lending aid to the highest bidder
Aidan begins a new diet
Aidan cuts ties with Bishop, and Kate Aidan and Josh meet, room, work together
Aidan and Josh meet Carson and Sammi
Megan dies
Ariabella Alonza-Montague Allegra Alonza-Capulet ========Cristiano Capulet ---------- ---------------------------------------- Giovani C. B B G B G Bianca Alonza Arrone Capulet Giacomo Montague Mariabella Montague============ Constantine Capulet Carlos V Montague======= Leonardo Montague------------------ Family Tree Sisters Marriage Marriage Marriage Illegitimate Child Illegitimate Child Brothers Siblings Rosalba Alonza-------Lucia Alonza Sisters Carmen Belucci======== Paulo Montague Antonio Montague Romeo A. Montague =======Giulietta C. Capulet
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