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How to Cite Sources in APA

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GGU Business Library

on 18 May 2016

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Transcript of How to Cite Sources in APA

There are plenty of tools to help you manage your citations. Many also format your sources into citations for you. Links to these and other APA resources are available in the APA resource guide: ggu.libguides.com/apa
Helpful Resources
What's the Deal with My
Reference List?
Reference List citations in APA need to include:

Who - the author
When - the date
What - the title
Where - the place of publication and publisher

This information for each source is cited at the end of your paper in a Reference List.
Why Do I Have to Cite My Sources?
Credit the original author
Provide a path to your sources and show your knowledge and research
Contribute to the academic conversation
A Guide for Citing in APA Style
Where Credit Is Due
What About In-Text Citations?
In-text citations are needed whenever you reference an idea or concept you learned from your research. Even when you paraphrase, you must include the author's last name and the year of publication. When you include a direct quote from your research, the page number is also needed. For example:

Paraphrase: (Smith, 2014).
Quote: (Smith, 2014, p. 28).

Ask A Librarian
If you ever get stuck, Librarians are here to help. Contact us:

In Person - Business Library
Email - askalibrarian@ggu.edu
Phone - 415-442-7244

Happy citing!
APA Format: Nuts and Bolts
The American Psychological Association (APA) style is the editorial style used most often at GGU. It is necessary to use APA consistently throughout the entirety of your paper. There are formatting rules for each element of your paper. The following online resources provide help with formatting your manuscript:

The Basics of APA Style
[online tutorial], The American Psychological Association
APA Style: General Format
, The Online Writing Lab at Purdue
Social Sciences: APA Manuscript Format
, Research and Documentation Online, 5th Edition
Don't Panic!
The following formatting tips can help keep you on track:

Everything in your paper is double-spaced, including your reference list.
Reference lists have a hanging indent.
The reference list is alphabetized.
Punctuation matters.
Be consistent.
Is It Always This Simple?
Different types of sources require slight modifications on the general citation we just looked at. But don't worry, there are resources that can help you out.
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