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The Finest Chopping Board

Mehraz Haque

on 27 November 2013

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Transcript of SpecPrep

- Marriage of processes resulting in new product.
- Starting from standard cutting board
- Using reverse engineering with our own design

- Reverse engineered by others in the future
- They can continue where we left off

the product
Process of
24" x 16.5"
6 kg
Motivation behind the Concept
make life better

improve the life of the disables
change lives
Reverse Engineering
Initial Concept
Revised Concept
Developing stage
Final Design
Learn about the disability market and what it really means to create a product that helps people.
This will benefit us in future courses when we have bigger more complicated projects.
We all believe that we have learnt a great deal about what it means to think and act as a team of engineers.

Similar products in the Market
Swedish Cutting Board
Our design takes basic ideas of this and improves on them
horizontal clamping mechanism
Ideas Borrowed
Cutting Board
High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)

lightweight, durable, resistance to dilute and concentrated acids and alcohols
Choice of Materials
Moveable Arms
Tempered Steel Alloy
Tough, strong, and ductile
Target Population
Impaired use of second arm
amputation or crippled
Lack the ability to:

stabilize or use strength
Expanded Target Population

Stiffness of joints
Muscular dystrophy

weakened muscles
Parkinson disorder

Shaking ,tremoring
Needs Fulfilled


Lack of strength


Evaluation Process
Our team had to be in constant evaluation through our design process and work to focus in on our goals and ideas
Evaluation Process
Check list:
Imagine the exact process of the setup, use, and storage with the use of only one hand

How are the pieces locked in place as needed

The main features of the product include making improvements to the standard cutting board. This included stabilizing the cutting or slicing apparatus as well as stabilizing whatever food item is being cut.

• a placeholder for a knife or any other cutting apparatus,
• a rail which could be used to easily slide the knife along the length of the board,
• clamps which would hold a bowl or any other external utensil to the board,
• arms which can fold around the board
• various extra accessories that can be used for specific food items.


The rail was designed to allow for more stabilization in terms of slicing, especially for a person lacking muscle control.
The knife slot will be lined with rubber in order to fasten the knife to the rail. This feature was designed so that a person could attached the knife with only one hand.

Clamping Mechanism
The arms will be raised above the board and include clamps which slide along a rail and can be fastened to the bowl or mixer, etc. This feature would allow someone with one hand to be able to mix anything in the bowl normally, while the bowl is held stable.
Attachable Equipment
The last feature is the use of various accessories to hold different food items to the board and different utensils to attach to the board to perform different preparation functions.

Such accessories include
• a screw in spike
• different clamps to hold things like a cheese grater or any other cutting apparatus to the board.

Results and
Lessons learned:
Securing Food
Securing Appliances
Expanding the range of customers
Future Work
Our main goal was to take simple products and improve it so that people with disabilities can use it more efficiently.
We will continue to develop our product in the future to reach that goal
Future Goal
Future Work
As we grow as a company we will continue to modify and add more features to our concept
Increasing Product Line
SpecPrep 2.0
The design process will never stop. We will a have design team in the company dedicated to improve and redesign the the original product. After performing major improvements the product will be relaunched to maintain good consumer attraction.
More Gadgets
We will continue to create more attachable equipments at a frequent basis
Marketing Strategy
Start Locally
To be cost effective our main target is to dominate the market in GTA
Bring product cost down
Achieve high product awareness with low marketing cost
Market at right Time
To increase revenue we will market heavily in seasons consumers spend a lot of money
Marketing Mediums
We will market our product by putting our company name and product in public places for the consumers to see
Public Transportation
To have our ads on TTC trains, buses and bus stops it will cost us anywhere from $2,500.00 to $5000.00 for a 4 week period only in a targeted place.
Social Media
To advertise on Facebook and Google, you pay a certain amount with a maximum you set, based on the number of people that click your ad. This is a very cheap and effective way to get our new product to consumers
Methods of Distribution
We will target hospitals and amputee clinics, where we will leave brochures and other sources of information.
By using the phone number provided consumers will be able to buy the product directly from us.
Hospitals and Clinics
War Amps
We will set up information booths and showcase our product at War Amps events. This will attract a large number of consumers.
Forming partnerships with Kitchen appliance stores such as Canadian Tire, Costco and other large companies who already sell food preparation products.
Distributing through Retail
Resources and References are available in the Final Report.
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