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The Benefits of Extracurricular Activities on High School Students

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Sarah Horrell

on 9 January 2013

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Transcript of The Benefits of Extracurricular Activities on High School Students

The Benefits of Extracurricular Activities
on High School Students How involved are you in your school? Have you ever
thought about participating extracurricular activities? Almost 80 percent of high school students in
the United States are part of some type of
extracurricular activity that takes place outside of
regular school hours such as sports, drama,
debate teams, clubs, and music-related activities. These activities provide many
benefits to all students. Instill time management and
Relieve stress
Improve grades
Develop relationships
Decrease dropout rates. Time management and prioritizing are vital skills to learn
because teens need to be prepared to know how to juggle
many things at once for when they become adults. Getting involved in extracurricular activities are
great opportunities to practice for adulthood.
Organizational skills
Time management
Making priorities to get things done. Stress relieving opportunities are
important for the teenage mind because
it can only take so much before it has a breakdown. When teens are participating in their extracurricular
activity, they have that amount of
time to clear their mind of everything stressing them out. In an increasingly complicated and pressuring world,
the more students are able to
find positive ways to deal with stress, the better. All enjoyable activities provide a source
of stress relief whether it is athletics, clubs, music, etc. Improvement of student’s GPA . To participate in North Carolina athletics, the student-athlete must
maintain a C-average to participate in games.
If the student does not maintain that average,
they are not allowed to set foot on the field during a game. By Sarah Horrell Developing Relationships Friendships made in high school could last a lifetime.
Similar interests
Relationship-making skills. Decreases dropout rates Many students that are not involved in extracurricular
activities opt to drop out of school because they have nothing retaining them
Athletics decrease the dropout rate because the
student has some sort of sense of belonging Conclusion Extracurricular activities are beneficial for high school
students because they instill time
management and prioritizing,relieve stress,
improve grades, develop relationships,
and decrease dropout rates,
all of which are important elements
that high school students need to implement
into their lives for when they become adults.
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