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How to write a news report

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Beau Pirivatric

on 15 January 2013

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Transcript of How to write a news report

Inverted pyramid style Inverted pyramid style The inverted pyramid style of writing is used when writing a news report. It's when the most important or news worthy information is at the beginning of the news report and the less important stuff at the end. this way the reader gets more interested in the news report and keeps on reading. Tips for writing a news report Before you write your news report look at the heading and picture, that way you will get idea's when you write your news report.

answer all the W's and one H. (WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, WHY, HOW) in each of the paragraphs answer these. it will make it easier to come up with good information.

use small paragraphs to put your information in, use quotations for a witness or something of what happened to make your news report less boring for the reader. Also check spelling and grammar. Don't use "I" or
"i think" or any first person writing when you're
writing a news report. because the news report it about the news not the writer. make sure to write on all the lines provided to write (don't go over)
because you will get a zero on the test. never use your own opinion when writing a news report because its about the news not about you. The inverted pyramid style consists
of three things, the lead, the body,
and the conclusion

The lead is basically who, what, where,
when, why and how.

The body is all the facts and quotation
's and details, whatever you think is
irrelevant to the reader.

The conclusion is the least important
information some background information. Writing a news report for the literacy test relate your story to the picture and the headline Indent paragraphs
Spelling and grammer (matters alot)
Contains at least 2 quotations( to support the story)

Interesting (make it interesting)
Tell nothing but facts (leave out your opinion) 3 parts of the pyramid Example of what a GOOD news report looks like

Students raise money for cancer

Yesterday Jen calo principal of Bradford district high school
decides to run a fundraiser with the students for raising money for cancer research. (the lead) who?(Jen Calo, students, staff) what?(fundraiser) where?(Bradford district high school) When? (yesterday) Why?(for cancer research) how?(with the students)

Jen calo is running a fundraiser for cancer research with her staff and students. (supporting detail)

"this fundraiser was for a great cause and its pretty successful"! says Jen calo principal of bdhs.
Bradford high has raised over 2000$ in only 3 hours.

not only is Jen calo running the fundraiser she's the first principal ever to do a fundraiser jen calo and her school has really out done themself for this fundraiser. (supporting facts)

At the end of the fundraiser Bradford district highschool has raised 5000$ for cancer research.(Conclusion) this is what you will see on the test A News report must have

A lead statement that states the 5 w's and one h.

devlop the headline of the article.

it should have at least 5 paragraphs with 2-3 sentences.

proper grammar and punctuation.

written in 3rd person not first.

it should have 3 quotations of different perspectives. (has to be involved with the article)

have specific details that devlop the the
5 w's and 1 h. ( what what where when why and how)

a concluding paragraph that sums the article up. R

T when looking at the picture use the most logical event for what is happening
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