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No description

Momo Chimura

on 28 June 2013

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Transcript of Emo

Emos: the people who are in Emo subculture
Emo is defined in by DIY mentality and musicality which is rooted in U.S. hardcore music.
In 1980s
Emo started in Washington D.C.
as a part of punk music
example: Rites of Spring

In 1990s
became known by way of internet with indie rock sounds.
Emo became popular by
Sunny Day Real Estate
Get Up Kids
At The Drive In
a new Emo style which mixed pop punk and Emo
example: WEEZER
In 2000s
SNS spread Emo bands
became more popular
In 2006
Emo fashion was introduced as a part of Gothic fashion
incorporate elements of Metal core
US kids generation
Some musicians are mixing in instruments
Emo music has many characteristics which are very different from mainstream culture.

more emotional, expressive, melodic themes
(sadness, love, and anger)

about relationships, breakups and other emotional and personal events
aggressive rock
distorted guitars
heavy drums
create dynamic loud and soft extreme sounds


almost exclusively black clothing
Emos tend to make the cloths that they wear
Emo girls wear short skirts with high boots or tight jeans
Emo boys wear tight jeans and tight T-shirts
Emo boys
Emo girls
the style of Emo is different
from mainstream culture
Body piercings
hair style
The hair of style of Emo includes long bangs, sometimes covering one or both eyes
Straightened or dyed black,bright colors, as are highlights and coppy layer
There are Emos who dyded all hair but a part of hair
Emo music for Emos
An actual case
a 13- year- old girl took her life in England
This is the girl who did suicide

It is said that Emo songs encourage her death.

some lyrics of Emo songs which she loved tells about beautiying death.
Jimmy Eat World
My ChemicalRomance
This band was loved by the girl who took her life when she lived, and was said that their song connects to her suicide.
The lyrics of the song "Welcome to the Black Parade" tells, "though you' re dead and gone, believe me. Your memory will carry on"(from about 3:01-3:06)

came from Emo in the early 1990s

in the early 2000s
combined both screaming and singing
in the middle of 2000s
neither very slow nor fast sounds
very fashionable
more popular among young people
in the latter 2000s
very heavy sounds
use metallic guitars instead of light guitar sounds
subgenre of Emo music
an origin in the Emo movement
sentimental crooning of Emo
included a pop music influence
softer, less aggressive, and popular
Traditional Emo
Rites of Spring
The Used
Emo Pop
become more pop
blending with other popular elements in style and music
difficult style to understand for general public people
Emo is changing even though it has its particular points
Emo is described by Emos' characteristics
They usually express their emotional side by wearing dark clothes
tend to be negative
love Emo very deeply
maniacs are between 12 and 18 years old
listened Emo music to ease pain of heart
Most of Emos
A few Emos
were encouraged to do self- harm or sometimes do suicide by listening Emo music
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