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No description

Camille Hayes

on 24 April 2010

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Transcript of *Camille*

Hello My name is Camille Hayes This is a prezitation about me These are a few of my favorite things 1# cute puppies (labs) 2# shiny things like diamonds 3# making up new buisness ideas I absolutely postively love crocheting (my favorite hobby) i enjoy watching
1.) house
2.)secret life
3.)2 men & a half
4.) will and grace my favorite songs at this moment are
* forever by chris brown
*if we ever meet again By timbaland ft katy perry i enjoy being in charge

5.) ellen when i grow up i want to be a c.e.o i kinda scared of... HA! HA! HA! scared ya!!! I luv diamond studded everything like.... well lets take a commercial break We're back ha look at that squirrel i would like to take a moment to advertise my buisness Camille's Housekeeping Service you need it and plus I got experince I just Charge 50$ (plus caring after
animals and mowing the lawn if needed) just let me know i have the contracts and
fliers in my bag. i like the original power
Rangers Mighty Morphing
well i guess thats all please enjoy
if we ever meet again my dream house my dream room sike gotcha again
seriously bye
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