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king of shadows 1

No description

tiaa george

on 19 November 2012

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Transcript of king of shadows 1

By Tiaa George King of Shadows King of Shadows Characters The King of Shadows is a a fantasy, magical and mysterious book.

This novel is written by Susan Cooper. There are many characters in this book.

Here are 5 of the most significant and main characters in the book 'King of Shadows' Nathan Field Nathan Field [a.k.a Nat] is the main character in the book. The story comes from his perspective.
He is about 16 yrs old. He is very passionate and good at acting and gymnastics. Both of his parents have passed away, so he lives with his aunt Jen in north Carolina.
He gets recruited by an acting troupe 'the company of boys' that perform a number of Shakespeare plays. Plot Aunt Jen Arby Roper Arby is the boss and head leader at the company of boys acting troupe.
He is very tough and does not tolerate any sort of misbehavior. Aunt Jen is Nats only aunt, in fact she is his only family.
Nat lives with her in north carolina.
She is a very kind and caring guardian for Nat. She was the one that inspired Nat to start doing gymnastics and acting.
She has played a big role in his life after the death of his parents. The king of shadows is a story of a young boys parentless life and journey in the year 1999. Being a young actor he travels the world with his acting troupe 'the company of boys', to perform the Shakespeare play a midsummer nights dream at the newly built replica of the globe theater.
When they get to London he falls ill with a mysterious sickness. He goes to sleep and has a dream that he is pulled of earth into the clouds then pushed back down to earth.
when he awakes he find himself still in london but something is different. he find that the globe theater has only just been built, he is in 1599! The company of boys , the theater group Nat acts for, is like a second family for him. they are all very close like brothers.
there are quite a few people in the company such as Arby the teacher, boss leader, Rachel the voice coach, Gil, Eric, Ray, Hy, Ferdie and more. setting themes favourite section review of the novel There are many different themes in this book.
i think that this is a very magical and fantasy book, but it is also a real life kind of book.
In some parts it is modern and others it is very old and dates back a long time ago. this book is set in the years 1999 and 1599. Throughout the book the years change around and the settings swap from modern to old.
Sometimes its set in Elizabethan times. my favourite section of the book is when Nat is having a dream being pulled off the earth by some hands into the clouds an the stars, then being pushed back down to earth to live in a completely different centurie.
i like this part because it is very interesting and dramatic. I found this book very interesting and captivating. it can be a dramatic and magical all at the same time.
I think that this book was very well written and is very descriptive. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and would recommend this book to other people that like a good read. the company of boys He is still very nice though and treats all of his actors as family. Roper can sometimes be very mean. Nat sees him as a potential enemy and a kind of bully as he is not fond of him.
Roper however starts to like Nat after he saves his life by stopping him from choking.
Roper is also very mischievous and often gets Nat and the others into trouble He plays puck in a midsummer nights dream , Pindarus in Julius Caeser
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