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Thailand 101

A quick look at Mekong Ministries.

Jenny Greene

on 21 September 2010

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Transcript of Thailand 101

Our Vision To facilitate a rapidly multiplying indigenous Biblical church planting movement among the
unreached peoples of the Mekong region. UNREACHED PEOPLE GROUP (n) - A people group among which there is no indigenous community of believing Christians with adequate numbers and resources to evangelize this people group. www.joshuaproject.org MEKONG REGION (n). - a region in Southeast Asia comprised of countries bordering the Mekong river, including Cambodia, the People's Republic of China, Lao People's Democratic Republic, Myanmar, Thailand, and Viet Nam. Our Approach Methods we use to Facilitate a
Church Planting Movement among primarily Oral Learners Indigenous Biblical Church Planting Movement PRAYER Bookmarks/resources
daily commitments
prayer calendars
small groups
Abundant Seed Sowing CDs of Gospel message
Daily Radio Broadcast
Picture Books
Evangelism Trips
Monthly Trainings Intentional Church Planting plant churches
outsource to meet other needs ie. physical, economical, literacy, etc
all we do points towards the vision of planting churches
From the beginning new believers are trained to make disciples and plant new churches The Authority
of Scripture All resources are created from scripture
our model for church is scriptural
everything is evaluated by scripture
new believers are given a firm foundation in biblical truth
extrabiblical requirements are not placed on any new believers or leaders Local Leadership Leaders are all from within the people group
near culture christians are involved only until local leadership is in place
foreigners are never put in leadership Lay Leaders leadership is based on gifting and anointing from god
leadership is never based on status, wealth or education
Leaders are appointed from within
Leaders are local
Leaders are unpaid
Leaders have livelihoods outside of the church
Leaders are not formally trained
House Churches meeting in homes or storefronts
encourages plurality of leadership
planted along oikos (sphere of influence]
easier to reproduce
encourages sharing and growing together Churches Planting Churches Disciples make new disciples
churches plant new churches
Churches are kept simple and
easily reproducible! If each new church plants multiple churches, and each church after that does the same, then the result is... Rapid Multiplication With over # of people groups remaining in the world, X are still unreached. Simple addition will not get the job done. Exponential growth, rapid multiplication, churches that see their role in the world as to plant more churches who will then plant more churches... this type of multiplication will get the job done. Discipleship of new believers is done at the same time that they are sharing their faith and training other disciples
Members of new churches immediately begin sharing their faith with others, training them how to start new churches. Healthy Churches Obedient to the Word of God
Making Disciples
Planting New Churches
Raising up Leaders
Sending Out Evangelists
Worshipping God
Building One Another Up
Not Dependant on Outside Funding or Leadership
Each Person Functioning in their Giftings
Continually Growing & Being Trained in the Word
Continually Training Others Working With Primarily Oral Learners Two-thirds of the world are oral communicators- who can't, don't or won't learn through literate means. Primarily Oral Learners might be able to read, but prefer to learn information through oral means dance Drama Stories Song movies Television CDs Pictures Music So we Create Oral Bible Resources Gospel Stories on tape, CD, mp3 and other electronic means Daily radio broadcasts in the heart language of the peoples Simple picture books linked with the electronic Bible stories to help with memorization "The oral Bible, written on their hearts can be carried over mountains, across rivers, through jungles to take the Gospel to every people group in the region." www.lausanne.org Our Needs How you can get involved with Mekong Ministries PRAY Sign up for regular prayer updates
Pray weekly with a small group
Adopt a Village to pray for
Come on a prayerwalking Journey Give Support one of our full-time workers
Give to one of our projects Go! Go on a Prayerwalking journey
Do an internship with Mekong Ministries
Join the Mekong Ministries team and help engage Unreached People Groups!
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