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cameron gesacion and chase engel

No description

lib hist

on 7 September 2018

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Transcript of cameron gesacion and chase engel

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Cameron gesacion and chase engel
Sammy Davis characteristic
Valor - Sammy Davis went to war and saved 3 of his coworkers because after he had gotten shot by a beehive bullets in the back and was knocked down. He got up and shot a few rounds of the beehive while injured, Then saved 3 men by going across a lake and borught them back to safety.
James McCloughan charecteristict
courage-McCloughan saw one of his fellow troops woonded in an open field so he ran one hundred meters to retrieve him and get him to safety.
similar and different
Both troops fought in the vietnam war.
Both were born in 1946.
Sammy Davis lived in dayton ohio, and james McCloghan lived in south haven michigan.
McCloughan went into war in 1969
Davis went into war 1965.
McCloughan and Davis were in the army
Davis awarded medal by Lydon B. Johnson.
McCloughan awarded medal by Donald Trump.
Davis went into war at age of 19
McCloughan went into war at the age of 22.
Once Davis reached safety, he realized what McCloughan
did Davis was inspired. And while Davis is heavily injured, he sees 3 men across a large lake injured and trapped on the Vietnamese side. Davis then jumps to his feet and goes to the beehive that shot him and sees more rounds of it on the ground. He then crawls to the rounds and fires them off at the Vietnam. He takes out the area and then grabs a inflatable bed that the troops sleep on then goes on the lake. Davis then traveled all the way across the massive lake while heavily injured. He goes to the Vietnamese side and saves then 3 men and brings them all bakes and saves all of their lives.
Davis: Who are you?
McCloughan: I’m James McCloughan let me save you
Davis: Thank you, but why would you sacrifice so much just to save me.
McCloughan: I’m just doing my job. Now let me get you out of here.
McCloughan then carrie4d Davis through the open fire again, another 100 + meters, and rescued Davis.

Compare and contrast

period 6

Setting: Vietnam War
Characters: Sammy L Davis, James McCloughan
Sammy Davis had just got knocked down by a friendly fire beehive. James McCloughan notices Davis laying on the ground, McCloughan goes running 100 + meters through the open fire to rescue Davis.
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