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Problem Statement & Significance to Social Work

No description

Jamie Cochran

on 5 December 2013

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Transcript of Problem Statement & Significance to Social Work

Human Trafficking
Problem Statement
Problem Statement:
Human trafficking is a fast growing crime with little known services and awareness.
Research Question:
What health and social services are provided to survivors of human trafficking?
With human trafficking at an all time high rehabilitation processes are inadequately aligned with the risks, policies, and services.
Significance to Social Work
Working with survivors
Providing resources to the trafficked population
Raise public awareness
Connecting survivors to their families
Literature Review
Policies in the United States define human trafficking as modern day slavery.
Men are over looked in research.
Local law enforcement agencies are unaware of the signs.
Services are unique to each survivor.

Quantitative Research:
Based on Numbers
How long have you assisted survivors?
What health and social services do you provide?
What is the average age of survivors you assist?
Explores what services are available to survivors of human trafficking.
Sampling Plan
Providers of health and social services in Florida
Study a Sample of the Population:
Providers in Miami, Florida
Gain access to a quality sampling frame:
Contact all health and social services providers in Miami, Florida
Find out if facilities are still open and providing services
If open and providing services add to our sampling frame
Ask providers are computer literate and if they have access to a computer
Sampling method:
nonprobability sampling approach

Sample size:
Number of facilities in
Miami, Florida

Data Collection Plan
Contact service providers via telephone
Confirm providers have access to a computer
Send survey to providers via e-mail

Specific to this research
Satisfaction of services
Years of services
Average age
Data Analysis Plan
Research Method
Sampling Plan
Data Collection Plan
Data Analysis Plan
Strengths and Limitations
Strengths and Limitations
History Effect
Testing Effect
Selection Bias
Treatment Contamination
Threats to the Internal Validity:
Statistical Regression
Experiment Mortality
Resentful Demoralization

Human trafficking is the recruitment and movement of people by force, coercion or deception for the purpose of exploitation. There is a wide range of forms of exploration; this includes sexual, labor, criminal involvement, arrangement of marriages, and organ donations.
Thompson, L. L., & Kotrla, K. (2012). Sex Trafficking Survivors: Ministering to the Body, Hearkening to the Heart and Soul.Social Work & Christianity, 39(4), 367-369
Boxill, N., & Richardson, D. (2007). Ending sex trafficking of children in Atlanta. Affilia: Journal Of Women & Social Work, 22(2), 138-149.
Spangenberg. (2001). Prostituted youth in new york: An overview. End Child Prostitution, Child Pornography and Trafficking of Children (ECPAT) (2001) Retrieved November 30, 2008, from http://www.ecpatusa.org/pdfs/prostitutedyouthinnyc.pdf
R. Estes, N. Weiner. (2002). The commercial sexual exploitation of children in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. University of Pennsylvania School of Social Work, Center for
Ngwe, J., & O. Oko, E. (2012). HUMAN TRAFFICKING: THE MODERN DAY SLAVERY OF THE 21ST CENTURY. African Journal Of Criminology & Justice Studies, 6(1/2), 103-119.the Study of Youth Policy, Philadelphia
Krysik, J.L., & Finn, J., (2013). Research for Effective Social Work Practice (3rd ed.). New York,NY: Taylor and Francis
Statistical Testing:
Chi Square

Comparing the variable of services provided and the gender of survivor.
Null Hypothesis:
There is no difference between gender and services provided.
Independent Variable:
Dependent Variable:
Services provided
Statistical Testing:
One way analysis of variance (ANOVA)
Compare the variable of services provided and satisfaction
Null Hypothesis:
There is a significant difference in services provided and satisfaction of the services provided.
Independent Variable:
Services provided
Dependent Variable:
agreement of services
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