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Exploring My Chromebook

No description

Kayla Hamilton

on 26 August 2014

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Transcript of Exploring My Chromebook

Exploring My Chromebook
Did you know Miss Hamilton has her own website? Take 5-10 minutes to look around and see what you notice! Click below for the link.
Click below to go to ABCYA to explore the many games and activities on this website. Take 30-45 minutes to check out BOTH the "letters" and the "numbers" games. Please don't scroll down to the games at the bottom of the page.
Let's remember what we know about fractions. Check out this website...

This game is super fun...
Or try some fractions games on this website...
As we start "exploring" our Chromebooks, I'd like to take a moment to see how you're doing in our study of how and why Europeans came to the Americas. Click below to take a short quiz.
TCI is our social studies website. There's lots to explore. Try checking out chapters 1, 2, and 3 since we skipped those. Your log in is in your planners. The password is "hamilton5." Click below to learn more!
I know you've played games on the Everyday Math website before, but look around the fifth grade site to see if you notice anything different and try a few of the new games! Click below for the link to the log in page. Your username and passwords are in your planners.
Take 15 minutes to read silently at/under your desk. If you need to go to the classroom library to grab a book, that's fine, but be EXTRA quiet near Miss H! Come back to your Chromebook after 15 minutes of reading.
Dear Students,

Your Chromebook is an incredible tool. It can be used to learn new things, to practice old things, to teach other people -- and so much more! Please be responsible as you explore today. Write down any questions you have, or skip a section and come back to it later when Mrs. Hemphill or Ms. Lewis is here to help answer questions. Enjoy!

- Miss H

What are some more ways we can use our Chromebooks, technology and the internet to learn this year? Click below and add your ideas to our Google Sheet!
Today you used Google Forms to complete a quiz for social studies, explored several different websites we will use throughout the year, and learned more about your Chromebook! If you're done exploring your Chromebook, please read quietly.
Take about 30 minutes to play some fractions games!
So...what do you think?
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