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Airkeria Knight

on 3 December 2014

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Transcript of Germany

Gov't of Germany
Germany is a parliamentary democracy governed under the constitution of 1949, which became the constitution of a united Germany in 1990
Social Class
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The Geography of Germany
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The Continent
Invasions of the roman Empire
Bavarian plateau in the Zugspitze Mountains
"The Franks"
Danube River
The president is elected for a five-year term by a federal convention.
The chancellor, elected by an absolute majority of the Bundestag for a four-year term.
There is a bicameral Parliament within this German government also, the federal council
Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels
These two men and their ideas shaped a new era in Germany, a world struggle beside which the struggles of the successors of Alexander the Great appear insignificant. Principles ousted one another, heroes of the mind overthrew each other with unheard-of rapidity, and in the three years 1842-45 more of the past was swept away in Germany than at other times in three centuries because of these two men.

The history of Germany is not the history of a nation, but of a race, even before the fall of the Roman Empire, it becomes the main trunk out of which branch histories of nearly all European nations, and the connecting link between ancient and modern history.
In conclusion
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