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The Secret of Rover

No description

Johnny Chabin

on 3 February 2014

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Transcript of The Secret of Rover

Twins Katie and David just moved out of their old house, into their new one, a mansion. They have everything they could ever want, all because of a robot their parents invented called "Rover". The twins don't know what it does, besides the fact that the military bought it. One day, their parents go to Katkajan to adapt a child, they go missing. The two twins go on an adventure to find their parents(and their sister).
Katie-One of the two twins, a neat-freak. (11 or 12 years old)
David-One of the two twins, doesn't plan things out, very messy. (11 or 12 years old)
Theo-The baby their parents plan to adopt.
Trixie-David and Katie's evil nanny.
Uncle Alex-Their hermit uncle.
Sorry, saying any more would spoil the book!
Katie and David's house-A mansion, very fancy and expensive, in the city.
Wandering around in the middle of nowhere-Pretty much what it sounds like.
Uncle Alex's hut-A tiny house where Uncle Alex lives.
Sorry, saying any more would spoil the book!
Read Aloud
Pgs 93-98
Game Time!
For this game, everybody is trying to find some objects hidden in the room. On your table is a computer. Move your mouse to find the object. If the selector turns red, go to that spot in the room to find it. DO NOT MOVE IT! When you find one, click the "Found It" button. Then you will look for the next one. Whichever team finds all of them first gets bragging rights!
Teams are your table.
I rate this book 4/5 stars because it is very exciting! It was kind of slow-paced, though.
343 pgs.
By Rachel Wildavsky
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