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Yanek Gruener (aka Jack Gruener)

No description

kassi garrison

on 12 May 2014

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Transcript of Yanek Gruener (aka Jack Gruener)

Yanek Gruener (aka Jack Gruener)
25 facts:

facts 1~5: character traits
facts 6-7: choices
Yanek is determined, because he is doing everything in his power to stay alive in the holocaust.

he is also brave, because he went through 10 concentration camps, 10 camps where he was starved, tortured, and worked mercilessly

he is a fighter, because he fights the mental pain and physical pain.

one life changing choice yanek has to make is whether or not he wants to hide from the nazis or just give himself up when everybody else did (he went into hiding so he would have longer to live).
he also had to choose whether he wanted to try to escape and suffer death immediately on the spot or stay in the camp and starve, be treated like dirt, and maybe turn into a muscleman. (he didnt not take the chance and die).
he is sympathetic, because he has sympathy for the ones who have fallen and the ones who are about to be.
he is fearful, because he fears for his life daily and fears what will come after.
facts 8-10: beliefs
yanek is a jew so he believes what all the other jews believe while trying to survive in all the concentration camps.
he believes he was treated unfairly in the camps and believed he didn't deserve to be there he wanted to be treat normal and have a normal life.
he also believed that one day he would be free so that made him keep pushing so maybe one day he would be free.
facts 11-15

yanek was from Krakow before he was taken. now he lives in America.
he was 10 when he was captured. when the americans rescued him he was 16.

he went through 10 different camps. he felt that the worst one was Auschwitz.
his mother and father were captured and killed. read the book to find out what happens to the rest of them.
Most of the time Yanek is cowering in fear afraid of being killed by the Nazis. But to get food to survive he need to be very clever.
fact 16-18
while Yanek was in the prison he feared for his life every time he was taken somewhere new he never knew what was going to happen. he never knew what to expect so he did everything he could to stay alive.
yanek's uncle told him that he must be anonymous. which meant he could have no name, no personality, no family, and no friends.
he felt like he wasnt a person. ALl because of the nazis labled him prisoner b~3087.
facts 19-21
when in the camps yanek has to take "death walks". that means they have to walk to the next camp. the walk may be 2 days or it could be 7. yanek is faced with death like 2 times he is horrified.
in one camp yanek found a place to hide in the floor he was in hiding unlit a man named Amon goeth almost found him. this is when yanek started to become claustrophobic.
after the americans came to rescue all the jews they gave them food, shelter, and toothbrushes, ect. yanek had never been so great full for anything until now.
facts 22-25
yanek loves to read. but when times get hard he loses his chance and is very upset.
yanek has a hard time not breaking down in tears at the camp. all he can do is watch as the person standing next to him is killed for no reason.
when the americans rescue the jews yanek feels very loved. he feels like he finally found his place in the world.
yanek is now free and married to a kind woman. he is happier now than he ever was.
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