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Science behind video editing

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Rachel Shaw

on 10 March 2017

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Transcript of Science behind video editing

The above scene is from Harry Potter and the deathly hallows. It is the Quidditch pitch on fire, which used video editing.
At some point in your life you probably have seen a video that has been edited. If it was television show, Youtube video or even a school project, you have seen an edited video.
Video editing
This is an example of an outro screen commonly used by Youtubers. It normally features a link to subscribe, most recent videos, and social media links.
Youtube- Youtube is a wide community and for some people a career. Most videos uploaded onto Youtube use some form of video editing tool. Youtubers such as Shane Dawson, iisuperwomanii, O2l and Joey Graceffa make a 'intro' and 'outro' edit that they use in nearly every video.
Examples of video editing *Continued*
This is an example of what it will look lwhen editing your video
Now that you have all your stuff, you can film your video. Set your camera on your tripod, microphone near by, and your lens on your camera and you are ready to film. Now, the next step is editing your video. You'll have to have a computer with many GB to download a video editing program. Some good quality programs (voted by users) are windows movie maker, avidemux, MPEG streamclip, & VSDC Video editor. These programs will include filters, stop cuts and other effects to help you design your video.
What makes video creation scientific?
Video editing is scientific because of computer science. Computer science is the theory of processing information in digital computers, the design of computer hardware and software, and the applications of computers. When editing videos, there is a process of things you must do to make sure your video is as top quality as possible.

-Film your video. When you are filming, your normally do not want to use a cellular device. Some tablets may have available and quality video editing apps, but you want to read reviews to find how well the product is when using that program.
The Science Behind Video Making a Quality Video
Prezi By Rachel Shaw
-Picking out a filming camera
You want to look with cameras that have at least 1/2000 shutter speed (how many movements and sound changes your camera can process in a second) and good zooming distance. Also, you want to make sure your camera has a good lens, just to make the video appear more clear.

-Camera stands
As well has you good place your camera on a table or chair, it is quite easier to use a camera stand or what is called a tri-pod to hold your camera up for you, so it doesn't appear you are recording a 'vlog type' video.
What makes video editing scientific?
What do I need a microphone for?
Inside of Microphone ^^^
Microphones are very important when filming a quality video. If you want your voice to be clear and understood in your video, you will want a microphone. A microphone works by having a sound wave hit a diaphragm, causing it to move forwards and back at the same speed of the sound that hits it. Because the diaphragm and coil are connected, the coil moves along with the diaphragm at the same speed of the sound, creating what is called a changing current or signal. This signal can either be used for recording, or be sent to an amplifier which creates a louder sound through a speaker. Either way, it is returned to it's original sound once traveled to one of those two producers.
The end
Lastly, stop cuts are important because if you mess up on a word, forget what you are going to say, or just blank out of time and space for a moment, you can go back and take that out. You can split one piece of footage in half so that you don't appear not familiar with anything you are talking about. Stop cuts make you appear professional and aware with what you are discussing which is why it is important to include.
Why are stop cuts important?
Examples of video editing
Movies- Movies can use as little or as much video editing as they wish. The video credits in a movie are typed, include a selection of background music and sometimes even a backdrop. Other movies add special effects into the movie such as Harry Potter.
School projects- Video editing is also used in school projects. Some students can have access to a video editing program. Some students enjoy creating short films or informational videos for a creative school project.
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