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NationalField: Who we are.

No description

Alex Lofton

on 21 February 2011

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Transcript of NationalField: Who we are.

Why use another platform in addition to the ones already in place? Responsiveness to requests Proven track record / scalability Cost The President requires:

Feedback on constantly changing public opinion in real-time
Perpetual campaigning requires lightening-speed responses and support. Build communities for managers
and understand exactly their needs:

Responsiveness to clients. Each client has an account lead who is with them throughout the duration of the entire project. This is a project for 500
employees; overall we have
hundreds of thousands of user
accounts on the site.
Security of information requires
methodical procedures and
attention to detail. Started working with one of Kaiser Permanente's department and have since expanded to the nationwide network. Kaiser has $34 billion in revenue and 144,000 employees. We work with the consultancy for the NHS, providing a learning community and social network. We're in talks with Google about
replacing their customer service
internal feedback (right now they're
just using their own Google Docs
and Forms)
NationalField's hierarchical platform
will allow them to do this much
more effectively and efficiently. Free Trial
12 months $20k setup fee WAIVED Reduce monthly cost after the free trail period from
$2500 to $2000 Raise user
limit from
250 to 400 We had a problem (it took
us too long to get the scope
of work out)

we own that This is not about crowd sourcing for that one idea. It's about top-down learning for busy executives. They want to login, get resources, comment, and get on with their job. NationalField is the preferred choice of the Dachis group and has been with the project from the beginning. esteelauder.nationalfield.org
is ready to launch in Q1 2011. Consistent nudging -
email notifications for
your Executives to nudge
people to use the platform
when necessary and to be
able to get on with the job.
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