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Flash CS4 Parallax Effect

This tutorial was created by Jamie Smith, an Instructional Technology graduate student at Ohio University. The tutorial introduces a basic approach to parallax in Flash CS4. Example and source files are provided below.

Jamie Smith

on 17 February 2013

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Transcript of Flash CS4 Parallax Effect

Parallax Effect Flash CS4 Jamie Smith Tutorial by What is Graphics created from original
work by Nicolas Bou nicobou.deviantart.com ? Parallax "the apparent shift or movement
of a nearby object against a
distant background, when viewed
from two different positions" Example:
Hold your finger up in front of your eyes and move your head from side to side. Parallax in Flash CS4 This tutorial will explain how to create a
parallax effect using the 3D capabilities of Flash CS4... simple without code :) Let's Get Started! . Step
One Prepping Layers in Photoshop *This step is optional and is provided to explain how to break a photograph apart into layers for this effect. If you wish to use separate images or construct your own assets, you will be able to skip this step. Open Image in Photoshop, creating at least 2 duplicate layers that will be set a different distances (background and foreground) 1 2 Erase all background elements from the foreground with the Magic Wand & Eraser Tools. Save the PSD file when finished. Use the Clone Stamp tool to erase the foreground elements in the background layer, while reconstructing the background. 3 . Step
Two Adding 3D Parallax in Flash 3D effects will be added using z-space in CS4. 1 In a new Flash document, import the PSD with the 3 edited layers to the library. 2 Drag each layer to the stage, saving it as a movie clip, and staggering the z value with the background layers being the highest number. 3 Select all layer movie clips and create one movie clip that contains all layers. . Step
Three Adding Animation in Flash Motion tweening will provide script-free animation to showcase the parallax effect. 1 Create a motion tween and extend it to the desired frame based on your document's frame rate. 2 Create a motion tween and extend it to the desired length based on your document's frame rate. 3 Alter the clip's position in z-space in the first and last keyframe. You may wish to pan, zoom, or both or create your own customized path. Parallax in Motion The swf on this webpage demonstrates
simple zooming and panning with Parallax. There are countless ways parallax could be incorporated with simple to advanced scripting. Any way you can think to provide movement can be enhanced with the parallax effect (e.g., attaching movement to the mouse, sliding to a position in the movie clip on a button click, zooming in z-space with keyboard controls, etc.) The parallax effect will add depth and dimension to your project...Have fun with it and Be Creative ! The following steps will be demonstrated in the video: The following steps will be demonstrated in the video: The following steps will be demonstrated in the video:
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