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How frangipani trees grow?


Sabrina S

on 25 June 2013

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Transcript of How frangipani trees grow?

By Sabrina Smith
for listening!
Thank you
Frangipani are a sweet scented flower. The flower looks like this. They come in lots of different colours. Another name for a frangipani is Plumeria.
The Life Cycle
The seeds fall from the trees, which are from the inside of the fruit. Then the seed is in the ground and slowly the seedling will break through the ground and starts to grow. It will soon become a grown plant. In a few months the frangipani will turn into a great tree. Fruit will slowly grow on the frangipani tree. Then the seeds from the fruit will fall and then the cycle starts again.
The Flower-Facts
The flower is very bright and colourful. Lots of people like frangipanis because it is a beautiful flower. One of the most common places for the frangipani species are in Australia. Frangipani is used on leis, which are a necklace. People give leis to loved ones. It is very common for arriving and leaving a place like Hawaii. Leis are made by a string going through the middle of the flower, and tied at the end.
Pictures of Frangipani
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