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Jane Eyre

No description

Joseph Salzman-Bye

on 26 June 2013

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Transcript of Jane Eyre

Jane Eyre
Jane Eyre

“But I feel this Helen: I must dislike those who, whatever I do to please them, persist in disliking me. I must resist those who punish me unjustly.”

Mr Rochester:

"If all those people came in a body and spat at me, what would you do, Jane?"
Helen Burns:

"everybody, Jane? Why, there are only eighty people who have heard you called so, and the world contains hundreds of millions"

Miss Ingram:
Gender Issues:

-An early example of a feminist piece of writing

-Jane is a strong character who states her mind


-Jane believes she can belong at Lowood

-She continues to search throughout the book for a place to belong
Social Status:

-Large amount of segregation between classes

-The Reed family against Jayne Eyre

-Miss Ingram being seen as a good match for Mr Rochester
-Jane has an unhappy childhood and is sent to Lowood school

-After receiving education there, she becomes a Governess at Thornfield manor.

-She meets both her pupil, Adele and her fierce benefactor Mr Rochester.

-She slowly learns more about Mr Rochester and falls in love with him. But at the same time she realises that there is a secret up in the attic

-Mr Rochester brings home wealthy men and women of the upper class, and Jane despairs that Mr Rochester will become married to Miss Ingram

-After Mr Rochester declares that he wants to marry Jane and not Miss Ingram, it is revealed that he is already married, and that his mad wife is kept in the attic

-Jayne decides that she must leave Thornfield because she cannot become his mistress.

-Just before she is about to starve, she finds a house which is willing to take her in

-Its residents, Mary Diana and St John are revealed to be her cousins, and she inherits 5000 pounds

-She returns to find that Thornfield has burnt down, and Mr Rochester's wife has died.

-Jayne becomes married to Mr Rochester
Thornfield & Gateshead

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