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Creating Branded websites for Administrators (ContentM for Administrators)

Exploring Social Media Tools, How to Establish a Brand & Why//How to Bring it All Together

Katie Brosious

on 19 May 2010

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Transcript of Creating Branded websites for Administrators (ContentM for Administrators)

Branding Social Media Value We allow you to bring it all together. And personalize it. To make it your own. Because it IS you. an educator's brand is anything that sets YOU, your SCHOOL, your COLLEGE, your DISTRICT, or your UNIVERSITY, apart. Brand Experience Brand Image is the aggregate of all contact with a brand is how your brand rests in the minds of others Why should educators care? By taking ownership over your brand, you control how others perceive you. And your personal brand is an extension of your institution’s brand, whether you like it or not. It's a jungle out there. But we’re constantly adding new functionality and new tools. Help us start a Revolution. Of connected educators to create brands, to increase connections in those whose lives they affect, and to increase communication and engagement. to embrace social media, Meet Patrick. Patrick is the Principal of Burlington High School. Patrick Tweets. Patrick Tweets About... Patrick also records videos. He is, what we call, A Connected Educator. He's brought all aspects of his virtual brand into one place. And uses a tool that allows him to easily update and maintain it. So that And they get to know him a little bit better. students parents the community and can see what Patrick's doing. & It affects us all. It's a dialogue between you, me and the next guy. And it's not going anywhere soon. So how do we make it useful in the field of education? Most use Twitter as a form of Professional Development See: #edchat, #profdev, and the like. And YouTube to share recent happenings. And blogs to write about them. But what if there was a way to harness the Power of Social Media And Add value to your brand? And Give it a home. And Present it. And Manage it. In one location. Now meet Eric. You might know him as @NMHS_Principal on Twitter. Or as a 140conf character... Or as a part of... Or as a branded educator... Eric shares... news about his school videos from his appearances aggregated information and updates about his future speaking engagements. Branded educators can bring together all aspects of their virtual brand. In one place. And personalize it. So that other educators can see what they're up to. And what their school is up to. And adopt ideas. And evolve ideas. And share ideas. And collaborate. Education is learning. communicating. sharing. collaborating. You're already doing it. Why not make it easier? @NMHS_Principal Once people see how amazing it is being connected to those who have same passion, great things WILL happen #140conf @NMHS_Principal Branding is alive and well in education #140conf But, how? Eric and Patrick have succeeded. They've succeeded because they could put their brand together quickly. And manage it very easily. Things change. Digital footprints are fluid and constantly changing. And they never forget. They're starting a Revolution Just ask Eric. He'll tell you with gusto that: Find out more about the Revolution of branded and connected educators 5.27.2010 Because he's a part of the BHS brand. And it's a part of his. But they can be under your control. of branded and connected educators. Because it's just that important. cms.schooleffects.com/esheninger
cms.schooleffects.com/plarkin 1 PM EST And he blogs. a and a
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