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A Fork in the Road:

No description

Kate Krepps

on 3 September 2014

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Transcript of A Fork in the Road:

A Fork in the Road:
Recipe for Success:
2 part formula
Retention & Writing NEW members
Membership Promotion, Recognition & Incentives
Key piece & focus of campaign
Writing New Members
Necessary for campaign success
Volunteer & Agent Focus
We all must focus on what we want to grow
Give them examples of success
Recognize their efforts
Incentivize them to reach goals
Promoting, Recognizing & Incentivizing BOTH
Keys to success:
Media Advertising Grant
Statewide Prizes
Key Club
Carhartt Club
Rewards Programs (Chairs, CAM etc)
Agent Incentives & Recognition
Regional Budgets
Volunteers & Agents
It's important that both agents & volunteers continue to write new regular members
Foster new member involvement
Feeds retention
Level I:
Hitch pins & 2 other options
Head lamps
Mini mag lights
Members & writers can choose from 3
Agents choose which 1 to offer their members
Statewide Prizes
Level II:
Carhartt Club
Maintain for this year
Promote more
Write/retain 4 members to qualify
Volunteer writers only
Level III:
Key Club-
Agent portion- see Agent Incentives & Recognition
Elite Club-
Volunteers only
Write/retain 7 members to qualify
Qualifiers would be invited to elite dinner w/ MFB President & Board, an elite agricultural bus tour or a Farm Bureau ball
Agent Incentives:

Write 2 new YF members & recruit them to attend YF Golf Scramble- attend the event on us
Key Club- 2 Levels
Level 1: current program
Level 2: Top agent from 5 FBI regions recognized at MFB & FBI Annual meetings
$200 donation to charity or scholarship of their choice on their behalf
Managing Partners match MFB's donation
Full page ad in Farm News spotlighting top agents before Annual Mtg
Premier new program at regional FBI quarterly meetings
Agent Incentives & Recognition
Agent Recognition:
Feature Key Club winners in Farm News & Benefits Advisor (list name, address, county)
Feature Top Writers in Farm News & Benefits Advisor (Photo & small profile)
Highlight Top Writers on MFB's Web site
Video highlighting their actions on Agent site
CAM Incentives:
Keep current program intact
Incentive options- Gift card for the assigned amount ($75 or $100) or up to the specified amount ($75 or $100) in FB apparel
Rewards Programs
Chair Incentives:
Level 1 - 225 pts. & Level 2 - 300 pts. statewide
Encourage new member writing again
Realistic retention- 50 pt. MAX
To calculate take % retained & divide by 2 (ex. 80/2= 40 pts.)
Expand scope to 2 yrs.
Include current membership year(members written this year count as NEW & in campaign pts.)
Partial Points-
Field Day New Member Attendance
New Member Involvement (County/District)
CORE Program attendance- Early promotion needed!
County FB Incentives:
Continue existing program
Instead of 2 incentive options provide a $500 grant to be used however they choose
Regional Rep Incentive:

Qualify 3 counties for Level 1 and receive an extra vacation day
Regional Budgets:

Relevant but don't HAVE to be utilized
Based on member interest
Incentivize boards- who makes target 1st, writes the most members etc.
Prize ideas- Tigers tickets, gift cards, chainsaws, board dinner etc.
Regional Budgets & Media Advertising Grant
Media Advertising Grants:
Still valid
Several deadlines throughout the year
February, late April/early May, mid-June
New Point System
Membership School Attendance (50)
Held Field Day (50)
Field Day New Member Attendance Obj. (35)
(Partial pts (15) given if 50%)
New Member Involvement at County or District Level (50)
(Partial pts (25) given if 50%)
CORE Program - New Member Obj. (50)
(Partial pts (25) given if 50%)
100% Realistic Retention (0-100/2, based on retention %)
Volunteer Writing New Members (1 time only/per) (5/per)
Number of New Members (5/per)
New Member Obj. (50)

Each individual should have a hard copy of this in front of them for reference. Also, on the sheet are some sample point totals to showcase the complexity of qualifying.

Early & often
BEFORE State Annual Meeting deadline
Utilize Farm News, existing events, Presidents' Advisor, Facebook, Twitter, MFB & CFB Web sites etc.
Promotion of Campaign
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