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Reading strategies

Apply, deduce, reflect and use

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Transcript of Reading strategies

On Saturday I stayed in and watched the
because Andy Murray was playing
at Wimbledon. I couldn't go because the tickets were really
. It was a
match and it lasted until late eleven
. The players were both very
but they were
by the end of the match because it was so
. There were lots of
in the crowd eating
and cream Andy Murray's
was there too and was very happy when he
! People in Scotland must have been over the
to see him get into the next round.
How confident are you feeling?
wellies ______________
splennis _____________
OMG ______________
rooney ____________
peanuts ____________
willywonka __________
mude _____________
Zuschauer __________
Mutter ____________
hotcrossbunned ___________
balloon _____________
To know and practise using reading strategies to tackle authentic texts*

Can you work out the meaning of the nonsense words underlined on the passage on your desk?

Now use the reading strategies!
Aim: to understand an authentic text
Use the reading strategies
Use the strategies sheet
Complete column number 1 ONLY using the following code:

A= always S= sometimes N= never

For the strategies where you have noted S or N, set yourself the target to use them at least twice in the following challenge
1) I have used this strategy before…2) I have used this strategy today3) I will use this strategy next time
a) Try and work it out from words before/after the word you are stuck on
b) Try not to give up- look for words you do know in German to help you feel confident
c) Think about what it can’t be
d)Use common sense to get the general idea
e) Use your general knowledge
f) Use pictures and titles as clues to predict what might come up
g) Read the rest of the sentence to look for clues
h) Look for repetition of the word for further help
i) Think about the word order of the sentence. Which word which has to go in the gap (Verb? Noun? Adjective?)
j) Use sounds and spellings as clues- try and say the word aloud. What does it sound like? Does it sound like an English word?
k) Your own idea:
Was heißen diese Wörter auf Englisch?
Brasilien _______________
Infos __________________
mitmachen ______________________
Wissen ___________________
aktuelle _____________________
vorherige ______________________
testen ____________________
How confident are you feeling?total - ziemlich - nicht so sehr
Vom 12. Juni bis zum 13. Juli 2014 findet in Brasilien die 20. Fußball-Weltmeisterschaft statt. Wir haben für dich Infos über die 32 Länder, deren Nationalelf bei dem Turnier mitmachen, gesammelt. Damit du bei den Spielen nicht den Überblick verlierst und bei den Ergebnissen immer auf dem Laufenden bist, gibt es einen HanisauLand-Spielplan. In unserem HanischlauLand-Quiz kannst du dein Wissen über die aktuelle WM und die vorherigen Fußball-Weltmeisterschaften testen. Viel Spaß!
1. Du darfst nur 5 Wörter im Wörterbuch nachsehen!
2. Dann beantworte diese Fragen:
What kind of information can you find on the website?
Why is there a match plan?
What can you test in the quiz?
3. Jetzt sag Deinem Partner alles, was Du von dem Text verstehen kannst auf Englisch.

*adapted from resources on the PDC in MFL website - thank you colleagues!
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