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NCSA - Mission, Vision, Core Values

No description

Jeff Croft

on 5 March 2014

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Transcript of NCSA - Mission, Vision, Core Values

East Ohio Conference
Mission, Vision, Core Values
Vision Frame
Missional Motives
Missional Mandate
Why Do We Exist?
A Multicultural Worship and
Urban Ministry Center
The Church in the 'Hood
Starting point - not where want to go
What makes you UNIQUE
Uniqueness = Culture
Culture is the combined effect of interacting values,
thoughts, attitudes, and actions that define the life
of your church
Clarify What Is Already There
Looking to Past & Future
Strengths & Limitations
Identity & Methodology
What God Is Already Doing
Clarity Makes...
Uniqueness Undeniable
Direction Unquestionable
Enthusiasm Transferable
Work Meaningful
Synergy Possible
Focus Sustainable
Leadership Credible
Uncertainty Approachable
Simplicity On The Other Side
Imperative #1
Frame It First
Imperative #2
Listen Till You
Imperative #3
Team the Horses
Imperative #4
Outside In
Kingdom Concept
Simple, Clear, Big Idea - Sweet Spot
Local Predicament
What Are The Unique Needs & Opportunities?
What area is furthest from what God wants?
What are the burning issues?
What is the significant change in the last 10 years?
What need does that create?
What solution can we provide that no other church does?
Collective Potential
What Unique Resources Do We Have?
What would a guest say they liked the best?
What promise would you make to someone you bring?
If you church disappeared, what would the community miss?
Apostolic Esprit
What Energizes Your Leaders?
What area of focus most animates your leaders?
What comes most naturally to your teams?
What ministry is most talked about?
Framework For Missional Clarity
Kingdom Concept Finds Ways for Expression
Junior High Rule:
Is the language clear enough
for a 12 year old, unchurched
boy to understand?
One Breath Rule:
Can any part of the Frame be stated in one breath?
Resonance Rule:
Do people want to say them again because they are delightful to hear?
Actionability Rule:
Does it inspire to act rather than define success?
Bouquet Rule:
Do the words communicate biblical truth for the listener's time and place?
New Church Start Academy
touch on emotional level
binding agent - why make bricks
use words that enlarge imagination
ignite heart for redemptive focus
Golden Thread of Redemption
weaves through everything you do
Why has God brought us here?
reminds our time is limited
enemy is time
must act now
purpose & meaning = action NOW
we are the ones to do it
Who It's About
counteract gravity inward trap
tendency to look at selves
want to focus on parking, seating, finances, staff
Bonhoeffer - church is only the church when it exists for others
most important people are those outside the church
too long (20 words or more)
too generic (all things to all people)
too technical (focuses on theology)
most don't know what it is
gets shelved
not passionate
remind church we exist for those outside
eliminate us vs. them
emphasize being the church 24/7
reinforce lifestyle of engaging in relationships
connote process of discipleship/evangelism
highlight Kingdom Concept
The Best
shared convictions
reveal strengths
not what we do
characterize everything we do
leader's role is to identify
bring to forefront
You Will
define good decision making
demonstrate God-honoring unity
attract more who share values
free the church to be different
increase commitment - know what stand for
enhance leadership credibility - what's important
navigate change more easily
proactive, not reactive
guard doctrine, free values
let strengths shine through
have personality
shape culture
say more by saying less
4 motives
live before you label
call it out when you see it
teaching/celebration moments
in every area of ministry
demonstrated by for each value
what does this really mean?
how does it make a difference
leaders demonstrate
Reality / Future
no bait & switch
anchor in reality
create future
1 aspirational in set of 4
Missional Map
Strategic Clarity
strategy=quantum leap clarity
not only saying
activities match
accomplish the mission
organization logic for achieving mission
pattern of how all fits together
rhythm of church life
programs don't attract-people do
if it doesn't help mission-do we need it?
simple design=vibrant growth
fewer choices-simpler structure
clearer pathway-real synergy
better quality-focused energy
Missional Life Marks
Measurements of a Disciple
what kind of christian are you designed to produce?
attributes define accomplishment of church
taught at all levels
form common language
benchmark to examine our lives within community
difference between map and marks
map is where you go
mark is what become
spiritual formation of individual
Top Level Outline
teams create 4-6 categories
what are the most important attributes
how would you define the missional life?
capture culture
include Kingdom Concept
Sub Points
don't need to memorize
saturate life of church through teaching
use as descriptors
further clarify
Vision Proper
Looking Through the Frame
Living Language
accomplishments give view to possibilities
what must be-fuels participation in shared vision
provides dynamic tension - rooted future - actionable
distributed application - everyone has what need
promotes daily usefulness - insertion points
build emotional connection based on shared history
frame larger need-speak to fear of loss
promise a better world
create urgency and induce action
enlarge faith with God sized goals
clarify biblical basis
focus on most important need
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