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Espresso by Ogilvy

This is the version for Ogilvy.com

Dan La Russo

on 30 April 2014

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Transcript of Espresso by Ogilvy

Brand Narrative
How we work
We Bring Solid Relationships with Key Influencers
What we can offer you
When you grow, we will be ready for you
Increase Brand Awareness and Visibility
Deep Relationships and Connections
Expertise in Enterprise, Mobile, Social and Consumer
Simple and Affordable Cost Structure
Product and Company Launches
Find the Fit
Exposure Engine
This is where we mutually evaluate if we are right for each other.
Fun brand to work with
Great story
Disruptive technology
Strong management
Investors' reputation
Ecosystem complements ours
Top Criteria
This is where we shape your story and identify how we tell it in words and visually
This is where we tell your story to key stakeholders and make things happen.
Positioning & Messaging
Agency conducts or reviews any combination of the below to inform positioning and messaging.
Existing messaging on website, investor preso, etc.
Top-line competitive, media and social media analysis;
Client interviews, discussions
Fuel Your Growth with Effective PR
Half-day agency facilitated workshop*. Agenda shaped by Discovery.
Generally includes exploration of:
The Brief: The primary desired outcome of communications.
Discussion & presentation of insights from Discovery findings
Development of desired corporate story
Direction for spokesperson messaging
Brainstorming thought leadership concepts
Discussion of Top social opportunities and approaches to implement
This is the stuff you'll end up getting.
The Desired Corporate Story*
Spokesperson Message Box*
Influencer FAQ, tough Q&A prep
Top three media pitches
* Includes agency first version, one round of client revisions, agency second version only
“Tell the truth but make the truth fascinating. You can’t bore people into buying things.”
David Ogilvy
“News about a new product, or improvements in an old product. Or a new way to use an old product. News is absolutely invaluable.”
David Ogilvy
Agency builds on narrative, positioning, messaging as well as media and competitive analysis to:
Refine your story and messaging *
Target our proactive influencer relations efforts
Establish a top-line influencer engagement strategy
Agree to the top "3 About Me" topics that are interesting and will advance the brand story
Identify assets to increase likelihood of coverage i.e. customer references
Establish goals
This is the time when we tell your story, people write and share.

Execute our influencer engagement strategy
Pitch our 3 About Me stories and refine as we go
Network with key influencers to build relationships
Leverage social media as a media relations listening and outreach channel as it relates to Top 25 influencers.
Refine Top 25 influencer list monthly as-needed
This is how we will measure success.
Map to agreed upon media/influencer goals
Report back on success of reaching our top 25 targets identified and agreed upon
After 45-days—are the story angles working?
From ignored, under-appreciated email security start-up to cloud security leader with a successful IPO in 2012 covered by Wall Street Journal, The New York Times and Forbes among others.
A "full-service" firm: when & if you need it all.
So now that we agreed to be partners,
what should you expect?
Account Executive
An Ogilvy PR account executive will be assigned to your business. He/She needs to have the right expertise and passion for your brand. He/she will be the person supporting the account lead for engagement and media outreach.
Senior Lead
A Senior PR pro with relevant expertise will be assigned to your business. He/She will drive strategy and planning and supervise the account executive. He/She will be the ultimate person responsible for our work together.
The Agency Network
The Senior Lead and the Account Executive won’t be alone. They will be able to efficiently tap into other resources in the organization. For example, if you need to get in front TechCrunch? They will engage others with a strong relationship with the right reporter—if they don't have it themselves.
* Simplified version available.
Health software company Kareo's $20.5 million Series F round was covered by health trades as well as business media such as Fortune and Dow Jones.
Exit Strategies
Eight specific situations where we can support you
Funding Announcement
Company launch
Product launch
Visibility for recruiting and funding
Public setback/crisis management
Market expansion
Exit strategy
* if skipped the Brand Narrative project
Mobile and Social
Innovation and Business
A sampling of media, influencers and outlets we’ve
worked with our clients for over the last 3 months
Are you ready to take your shot of ?
Access to Influencers, hundreds of clients
& Ogilvy in-house services including:
If we don't have it, we know where you can find it.
The Ogilvy Ecosystem
Ogilvy is part of WPP's network of +300 marketing companies.
If the answer is yes,
contact us at espresso@ogilvy.com
Yammer's $85 Million round led by DFJ got coverage in most IT trades and business media, including Forbes and AllThingsD.
Social Gaming Network raised a $15 million round from
from Greylock Partners and Founders Fund. It was covered by VentureBeat, TechCrunch, Mashable, Business Insider and more.
Funding Announcements
Took Shutterstock, a global marketplace for imagery, from a relatively unknown resource to an innovative technology company to watch and the first NY-based technology IPO in two years.
In the summer of 2012, Microsoft acquired Yammer, a leading provider of enterprise social networks, for $1.2 billion in cash.
Launched Aurasma, a new visual-browsing platform at the Fall 2011 DEMO where they were crowned a DEMOgod winner and walked away with the coveted People’s Choice Award - complete with a $1 million check. Continuing the momentum post DEMO, Ogilvy showcased their technology through PR events including NY Adweek, LA Social Media Week, and Pepcom. Top tier coverage included; AdWeek, New York Times, USA Today, Women’s Wear Daily, CNET, PC Magazine, NBC NY and AP.
Positioned Blurb Mobile as the app that allows you to tell your story in your own way.
Seeded the Blurb Mobile iPhone app to a select group of influential bloggers, referenced as Blurbarians. Story was covered by CNN Tech, Mashable and other tech, travel and creative professional outlets.

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