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Kite Runner

Model Presentation - Motifs

Aimee Barber

on 22 April 2015

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Transcript of Kite Runner

Motifs in the novel
Kite Runner Oral Presentation
Discussion Question
What is a motif?
A motif is a reoccurring structure that helps to support a theme
What does a mirror do? What is its purpose?
How would mirrors support a theme in the novel?
How does this image represent a character in the novel?
What does a scar mean to you?
A harelip
Discussion Question
How can an external disfigurement represent a change in a person’s character in the novel? Use an example from the text to support your response.
Hassan has a hare lip. Although he is disfigured externally, on the inside he is a warm, caring and generous person.
Ali has paralysis in his face and leg. Although he has a hard time moving about and the kids are afraid of him, he cares for both Hassan and Amir.
Soraya has a birth mark on her face. There is an external disfigurement, but internally she is courageous, outgoing and is supportive.
Amir’s scar after fighting with Assef shows his external battle on the path to redemption; internally he is cleansed of his guilt and can move on.
Exit Card
1) What is something you learned today?

2) What will you apply to your presentation?

We can see, hear or read motifs as we watch films and read books.

1)When you hear the following music repeated in the film, what are you warned of?
When you hear this music, what do you think of?
When the witches are present in Macbeth, what do they represent?
Works Cited
Elements of Shakespearean Tragedy. Jeffrey Black. November 27, 2012.

Jaws Theme Song. November 27, 2012.

Star Wars "Imperial March" Vader Theme. November 27, 2012.
(examples don't have to be from The Kite Runner)
A mirror acts as a reflection of the soul; it does not lie, it is absolute truth.
Thank you very much
Other Symbols
The Lamb
Hassan's Dream
The Pomegranate Tree
Hassan's rape (this one's tricky)
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