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Baby Project


nydiah charles

on 10 November 2014

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Transcript of Baby Project

Family living Project
Health 4
By: Nydiah Charles
Diapers & Wipes
Baby Clothing:
Adult Food
Apartment Includes

2 x 52 weeks = 104 loads per week

$12.97 Purex Mountain Breeze = 200 loads
Recreational Travel, Gifts & Entertainment
$7.99 x 12 = $95.88
Budget is 25,500
Baby Shower Gifts
12 baby outfits ranging 0-12 month in size.
1 month supply of diapers
1 month supply of baby wipes
1 stroller
1 car seat
Jennifer Lee Duncan
Items from Home
Bedroom set
Kitchen set
Entertainment set
Renters Insurance
Health Insurance
Life Insurance
Child Care
Elizabeth, NJ
1 Bedroom
1 Bath
No pets
$800 a month + security deposit

March 31st a little piece of heaven came into this world.
Jennifer Lee Duncan
came into the world at 3:45 A.M. and my first day as a single parent begins. The day after prom was senior skip day. All seniors go to wild wood for the weekend and get crazy stupid. My boyfriend at the time and I got a hotel together and had a couple drinks with friends. That night we had amazing sex without a condom. 2 weeks went by and i just felt different. Different as in discomfort. usually people get morning sickness when pregnant i didn't. instead my taste for food changed. more weeks go by and still no period which drove me crazy thinking i could be pregnant. rite aid was the closest store to my house and i ran there. there it is. confirming it with my doctor that I'm pregnant with my boyfriend at my right hand side. 3 weeks before Jennifer was born he panic and left. he wasn't ready and neither was I, but I was going to be a mother and father to her. I got job as a lawyer assistant making $25,500.00 a year. Got a decient apartment in a neighborhood my babygirl can grow up in.
NUK-Expressive Single Electric Breast Pump $44.97
Gerber good start gentle $29.98
(20 cans)
Gerber first essentials 5oz 9pack bottles $6.75
Gerber first essentials view bottle w/ silicone nipple, 9oz, 3pack $3.97
Gerber first essentials medium flow latex nipples 6-pack $2.27
Tommee Tipee close to nature baby bottle & nipple cleaner $5.80
Philips avent microwave steam seterilizer bags, BPA-Free $5.65
Huggies natural care baby wipes, 504 sheets $11.97
Rebecca H.
Babysitter in Elizabeth, NJ
$5 per hour
Available Monday through Friday 9a.m. - 5p.m.
5.00 x 9 = 45 x 50 =2250
Additional Services:
Meal Preparation
Run Errands
Light Housekeeping
28.49 x 12 = $341.88
Gerber baby girl 5 pack solid onesies brand $9.34
Gerber baby girl cupcakes 5 pack variety onesies brand $7.25
Hudson organic babysuits $5.99
Little hand kids girls/boys teddy coats bear jumpers winter jacket $14.21
Oshkosh B'Gosh baby girls poka dot reversible jacket $14.99
Susan Lazar baby girls newborn deco print shirting sunhat $7.20
Luvable friends 5 pack caps $3.99
Hanes newborn girls ankle socks 9 pack $7.47
Gerber baby girls 2 pack booties $2.18
Trend lab baby booties $7.95
Luvable friends slip on baby shoe $3.99
Fashion infant baby boy/girl soft stole shoe sneaker $4.73
Luvable friends quilted Mary Jane $3.99
Total cost: $93.28
Toatal cost: $336.35
Total cost: 24.44
Sam's Club savings membership is $45 annually.

Cable Phone & Internet
$40/week per person x 52 weeks = $2080
40 x 1 = 40 x 52 = 2080
Geico Renters Insurance
8.50 x 12 =

$85 x 12 =

45 x 12 = $540
Size 1:
Size 2:
Size 3:
12 visits a year $120
$44.98 x 12 = $539.76
Cost for 12 months
Turtle Back Zoo
Total: $103.88
Will be usisng bus pass tothe zoo and back.
Sam's Club
Luvs ultra leak guard diapers $29.48
Luvs ultra leak guard diapers $29.48
Luvs ultra leak guard diapers $29.48
216 ct.
252 ct.
186 ct.
5 diapers/day x 365 days = 1825 diapers per year.
$29.48 x 11 = $324.28
(4 packs)
(4 packs)
(3 packs)
Baby drink 6 ounces 5 times/day
5 x 6 = 30 oz per day
30 x 365 = 10950 oz per year
10950 divided by 2 = 5475 since breast feeding for first 6 months.
Total: $644.57
Yearly salary is
Spent $17,809.03
Saved $7,690.97
800 x 12 = 9600
5475 divided by 277 lq oz = 19.76 rounded off to 20 cans for 6 months.
29.98 x 20 cans = $599.60
Apartment: $9,600
Renters insurance: $102
Transportation: $1020
Health insurance: $
Life insurance: $341.88
Child care: $2250
Formula + breast pump: $644.57
Diaper + Wipes: $336.35
Bottles: $24.44
Adult food: $2620
phone, internet & cable: $539.76
Laundry: $12.97
Recreational Travel, Gifts & Entertainment: $103.88
size 3 diaper pack from baby shower
Total: 2620
This project actually taught me how expensive being a parent can be. i used to think anyone can have a baby but having a baby and taking care or it is a struggle. having a budget and sticking within that budget can be tricky. providing clothes, food, and entertainment for that child cost so much more than i thought. having to pay for child care for $5 an hour i thought was good, but if you do the math for 12 months subtract 2 weeks you got off work added up to $2,250. And oh my goodness the baby formula. I thought would be less then $20 since it was the powder formula, but it wasn't it was $29.98 each container and i had to buy 20! Plus i thought apartments would be cheap like around $600, but no. Providing for a baby as a single parent or not it is truly hard. Managing your money wisely and buying things you need instead of you want is a true eye opener. Being a parent is a struggle but at the end of the day its worth it.
Spent $17,809.03
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