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My Personal Learning Environment

No description

Jayne Carruthers

on 15 May 2010

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Transcript of My Personal Learning Environment

My Personal Learning Environment University of Leeds Resouces Portal The VLE The VLE also gives me access to:
Module handbooks
Reading lists
Staff contacts
Module feedback
The VLE allows me to access many
learning resources to enable me to
learn the course material.
The learning resources avaliable are:
Lecture slides
Practice MCQ's
Online lectures e.g. Henry Stewart talks
The Portal allows all the information
that is required for university life
to be found in one place. It gives access to:
Exam timetable
Past exam papers
There are computing and library resouces avaliable online too, such as:
Cluster avaliability
Reserve books online
Renew books online
Online journals
Library opening times Another feature of Portal used in my PLE is Desktop anwhere which gives:
Remote access to files
Remote access to university software and programmes
Acess to campus limited websites and journals
Websites Wikipedia Medpedia BBC The Times I use the Science section
on the BBC webstie and the Times
online because it allows me to
read news articles about
research and new discoveries
to extend knowledge. PubMed Bad Science The Bad Science website
allows me to read about
experiments and Science in
the news. It also contains
videos, a forum area, blogs
and podcasts to aid revision I use wikipedia
to look up
any unfamiliar
terms when revising
and making notes I use PubMed to find
books and journals to
use for background
information when
writing lab reports I use Medpedia to learn
about current clinical trials
and to look up unfamiliar
terms when revising
and making notes Facebook Facebook allows
me to keep in
contact with uni
friends and allows
us to arrange times
to meet when doing
group projects and
allows me to ask
people for help!
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