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NHD Process Paper

No description

Colleen Holub

on 21 January 2014

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Transcript of NHD Process Paper

NHD Process Paper
Process Paper Requirements
Process Paper Narrative - Outline
This will be no more than 500 words...5 paragraphs.
An annotated bibliography is required for all categories.
Process papers should be printed on white paper and stapled in the upper left-hand corner.
NHD Process Paper
The purpose of the PROCESS PAPER is to tell the judges more about your historical experience with this project.
The PROCESS PAPER does not affect the overall score of a groups' project unless they fail to turn one in.
The PROCESS PAPER should give the judges a better understanding of the students' research process and allow them to make a more informed decision.
Title page:
1. Title of Project
2. Student Name
3. Age Division (Junior Division)
4. Entry Category
(Documentary, Website, Exhibit, etc.)
Paragraph 1:
How did the student get the idea for this topic?
If your project is a WEBSITE, you don't actually have to print the process paper, because it's already included in the web content.
All other projects require a printed PROCESS PAPER - you'll need to have six (6) printed copies for the competition day.
This is NOT a report.
It's a NARRATIVE explaining how your project came together.
There are 3 parts to the process paper.
(1) Title page, (2) process narrative, (3) annotated bibliography.

Paragraph 2:
Where did the student go for research?
What types of sources were used? (newspapers, documents, interviews, books, etc.)
Which were most useful and why?
Paragraph 3:
How has the students' understanding of this topic changed as he/she worked on their research?
Paragraph 4:
How did the student put the presentation together?
What skills were used?
What skills were learned?
Paragraph 5:
How does the topic relate to the NHD theme (Rights & Responsibilities)?
Annotated Bibliography
You should list only those sources that contributed to the development of your entry.
Sources of visual materials and oral interviews must be included
The annotations for each source must explain how the source was used and how it helped you understand your topic.
Annotations should not be a book report, but 2-4 sentences that describe how or why the source was important to your research.
No cover, artwork, or special paper is allowed.
Sample process papers are available at:
under the "Creating an Entry" page
in the contest section.
Sample Paper #1
Sample Paper #1
Sample Paper #1
Sample Paper #2
Sample Paper #2
Sample Paper #2
Sample Paper #3
Sample Paper #3
Sample Paper #3
Annotated Bibliography
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