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Roaaaaaad Triiiiip!!!!

No description

Spencer Mitchell

on 19 October 2014

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Transcript of Roaaaaaad Triiiiip!!!!

Our Regional Road trip!
Landforms: mountainous near the north. But near the ocean it is very flat
Climate: Winter last up to 10 months in the far north. Yet summer is very short and not the warmest ever.
Vegetation: very fre life forms.Some are small shrubs,moss and lichen.
Animals: There are many animals in the arctic they include; Arctic fox, Arctic hare, Arctic tern, Caribou, Collard lemming, Doll sheep, Muskox, Narwhal, Polar bear, Snowy owl, Walrus, Wolverine.
Vegetation: Fertile soils good for trees such as maple,beech,black walnut and hickory.
Vegetation: Many trees and at the northorn point of the interior plains there is a boreal forest.
Vegetation: Mainly sandy in some areas there are lush jungles.
Animals: Deer, Rabbits, Hawks, Geese, Ducks, Doves, Pelicans, Seagulls, Skunks, Bobcats and Coyotes live here.
Animals: Bison, Pronghorn antelope, elks, red deer, brown bears, wolves and foxes live in this area.
Animals: Red squirrel, Green heron, A common loon, Wrens and Cardinals
landforms: flat and rolling hills. Rich soils of clay sand and gravel
Landforms: different types of grasses, mountainous, many fields and forests.
landforms: swamps, marshes, average elevation
The Great Lakes and the St. Lawrence Lowlands
Interior Lowlands
Coastal Plain
Climate: Summers range from 10-30 degrees. Yet winter can go from -10 to -30 degrees.
Long cold winters and short cool summers. winter lasts up to 10 months of the year
Hottest summers in Canada,-30 degre winters.Weather varies on season.
Quite hot summers and Decently cool winters
In the Arctioc we went to...
The far north of the arctic.
To the arctic ocean to see the glaciers.
Went to see the towns that have been their fpr many, many years.
While we were in the St. lawrence Lowlands and the great lakes we went to....
All of the Great lakes
Lake ontario to see niagra falls
White water rafting
Great lake cruise
When we were in the Interior lowlads we went to....
The Candian Finals Rodio
Calgary Stampeid

While we are in the Coastal PLains we will go to....
Okefenokee swamp
Savannah, Georgia Which was founded in 1733
South Padre Island
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